Saturday, May 31, 2008

Camera Critters #8

(c) Misty DawnS

By popular demand... well, the demand of Tammy and Hubs, I HAD to post this photo for the Camera-Critters post on this blog this week. I certainly wouldn't want to go against the wishes of the man I vowed to spend the rest of my life with AND one of my very best friends!

You see, I came home and was very excited about some close-up bird photos I took. So, I was showing Hubs my photos, and, as I was scrolling through them, he stopped me at this horse photo and went all crazy over this photo and kept telling me how good it is, as I sat there insisting that he was NOT paying attention to the photos which I thought were even better. Nope, I couldn't get his attention off of this one. Then, I e-mail a bunch of pics to Tam, and was telling her over the instant messenger about these birds that let me get SO close to get photos. What happened? She starts sending me these excited messages over the IM about how great 'that horse photo' is! *smacking forehead now* So, just a minute ago, I was chatting with her again, and I said I was trying to decide which photos to use for my CC posts this week, and Tammy replied "THE HORSE!" Geesh, don't get your ostrich feathers in a ruffle Woman, I'm posting the horse! (hehehe)

Now, if you want to see my and Bear's favorite photos of that day, click on over to Misty's Words. :-)

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Texas Travelers

Yup! The horse gets my vote.
Nice photo and well done.

Troy and Martha

Mom Knows Everything

See told ya the horse photo rocked! hehehe! Love ya dork!


Misty, hubs and tammy are absolutely right! When I saw the picture of the horse before I read what you wrote I thought "what a gorgeous, peaceful, perfect scene!" Thanks for your comment at my CC post! :D

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: It's wonderful to have choices for camera critters. I'm always saying I can use it next week, even if I don't.

Susan Demeter

That photo is awesome! Beautiful animal!

Happy CC and have a great week ahead!

Mine is posted here:

My Life In The Urban Zoo


Definitely a nice looking horse. At least DC and BC made the other blog 8v)

Trish ~ ♥ ~

I agree ~ wonderful photo.


beautiful creature!


I agree with Tammy and Hubs. The horse photo is beautiful!


I can see why he went nuts over this photo! What a beautiful horse, perfect capture - I mean it was so nice of him to pose for you in that tall grass and look you in the eye! Great picture!


Horse wins...

david mcmahon

Yes, Mist, it's a beautiful shot. It's like the horse was willing you to take the photo!

Glad you liked my shots of the bridge and the little tableau that unfolded!!


Beautiful Misty - your Hubby certainly has an eye for a photo.

Pop and see my CC.


Defintely LOVE the horse... it's a keeper!!
Beautiful, and I really mean it... it shows a gentle creature and I think that's important in a photo!
The Rocky Mountain Retreat


The horse photo is awesome. It shows the horse as beautiful, gentle and graceful!

i beati

good one and ass always your photography on que. I would love to join the blog roll please contest Sunday only.


What a beautiful photograph! Simply gorgeous critter.

Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog. It's good to meet people who loves animals from Camera Critters.


Oh, how I love this! Great capture!


A beautiful animal and wonderful photo!


He is right, this photo is a stunner. The horse has royal looks.

Thankyou Misty Dawn for hosting this.

Corey~living and loving

Very pretty indeed. :) Love the grass...and the color of the horse together.
happy CC!


Beutiful horse picture!


Yup, she was right. the horse photo is absolutely lovely. So the birdies are coming soon, though, right?


Misty - Sorry to say that Hubs and Tammy are right. This photo is awesome! And so natural. There is a magic about this horse and the way it sat there looking at you, letting you photo it. So restful. Sometimes we do not see our own talent under our noses. I know my hubby goes mad over photos I do not think are that good. And you all did over my flying bee photos - but I thought it was ordinary. lol

Thanks for hosting. Mine is up. (And not nearly as good as this!)


Definitely a winner!


It is a great photo!


I don't know aboutthe bird pictures becasue I haven't seen them yet, but the horse is wonderful.


Oh it's breathtaking, Misty! The horse's content expression is marvelous. I love the texture of the grass, it helps me think the horse is on the best mattress in the world.


Tammy and your hubs was right! It's a fantastic picture!!!


Oh, the horse really rocks!! GREAT photo, Misty, glad you listed to Tammy and hubs.

The grass looks so perfect and smooth and green and the horse is just gorgeous. I love this picture!!

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Love, love, LOVE this picture, Misty! Beautiful!


That is a lovely picture. I don't see that many horses around here. There are a lot of grizzly and horses don't stand a chance if they are penned. Farmers have been losing their cows so I guess horses are easy pickings too. Also we have lots of moose and horses are deathly afraid of moose, don't know why


He does look like he just got himself all posed and then said "action"

beautiful horse
great photo!!


I’m delighted you went with the horse too. I wish I had more ‘options’ when it comes to ‘subjects’ myself. I’ve posted at Small Reflections for the 7th time this morning.
Hugs and blessings,


The photo shows that this horse really wanted you to picture him. So it would be a pity not to put his photo on Camera Critters! :-)


Your hubby knows best. As close to perfect as possible. Gorgeous!


There is something so trusting and peaceful in a horse resting on the earth. Lovely scene.

Travis Cody

That horse is gorgeous.


What a face ... he looks so nuzzle-able!



The horse photo does rock. Tammy is right. Awesome. Have a great rest of the weekend. :)


I love this! There really is something special about this photo. It's a good thing that you listened to Tammy and Hubs. I would have hated not to get to see this.


TY to Hubs and Tammy! What a beautiful shot you've taken. It almost looks like he was posing for you with the nice beautiful background preset.


very gorgeous. :)


It's a good thing you have 2 blogs, then, huh? That way you can satisfy everyone. :) Personally, I groove on the horsie, but that's because I'm big on horsies.

i beati

need your address so I can send - do you write letters etc? besides bills hah sk


She is so gorgeous. :-) So peaceful! What a great picture you got! Looks like one to hang on a wall with a special frame.

Heart of Rachel

What a beautiful and majestic looking horse.


Well I read what you wrote and I think. Is that the best you got? Just kidding beautiful shot almost looks like a picture you would see in a book or calendar about horses.(Sorry I know I am new around here just couldn't resist)I am a bit of a joker!Just ask Tammy

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

So glad you posted this one!


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