Saturday, May 10, 2008

Camera-Critters Sunday #5

(c) Misty DawnS

Corny Captions to Consider for this Camera-Critters Capture...

"This getting up early to get the worm business is for the birds!"

"Did you hear the one about the drunk Blue Jay?"

"Just turn your back to her and maybe she'll go away."

"Ever since she started this Camera-Critters thing, she has been chasing us birds around with that camera!"

"She's going to put us on her blog... we'll be famous. Yeah, sure, sing me another song."

"Can you believe I was turned down by American Idol? They obviously don't know true singing talent! So, I left that Simon guy a present on his windshield."

"Ya ever accidentally land on one of these barb thingies? It's a real pain in the butt!"

"Don't get your feathers in a ruffle - I'm just stopping by to say hi!"

"So, you come here often?"

"What's your sign?"

"Wanna see my worm?"

OK, OK, with that one, I'll stop. Come on, you gotta admit - you giggled at least once... didn't you?


Mom Knows Everything

ROFL!!! I love it!!! My BBFF is a funny girl!!!


ROFL! I love the list of possible captions.

"Wanna see my worm" made me laugh so hard that tears ran down my face LOL


Great CCM, Misty! Hehehehe. Those are great.

Right after I read the first one, this popped into my head...

"You want to build a nest HERE???"


"we always end up on the wrong fence"
Thats my caption for your birds on the fence.

Great shot.

Pop over to my blog to see the show at Belvoir Castle by the Peacocks.


Wanna see my worm???? Hahahaa!!! That beats anything I could think up!


As the saying goes - leave th ebest for last and you did just that with "wanna see my worm" !!



Very clever.


A pretty picture and a funny dialogue! Thanx for making us smile dear Misty! And have a wonderful Sunday!


Very clever!


I giggled a lot :)

Lilli & Nevada

What a great post, love the photos and sure made me laugh.


Bwahahahaha.... funny! Awesome Post
The Rocky Mountain Retreat


I know I giggled way more than once!
Really nice photo.


That's a great shot! I love all the captions. *giggle*


nice shot, Misty.and funny ^__^

Mine in here Thanks


LOL. thanks that my Trio Swans become Feature cc capture :D

Will you visit mine Thanks


More than once, you silly girl. :)


Well, I didn't giggle but I did smile a lot! Does that count??

Corey~living and loving

tee hee...thanks for the giggles! :)
happy CC!


Love the picture AND the corny captions! LOL!


Love the pic and the captions. And how about......."Are you sure the grass is greener over there?"


LOL! giggled more than once :))!


I really cried laughing.
Great fun.

I've finally posted my entry - I'm back to dogs this week.

Jane Hards Photography

Yes you got a giggle. Great pic of those birds.


Nice one. Hope they landed on there right.

Trish ~ ♥ ~

Great post, thanks for being the host!


LOL great post!!


Many giggles - yay to your famous birds...


Wanna see my worm...ROFL!!!! You're a nut! Who knew 2 birds on a wire could be so entertaining?

i beati

funny dialogue clever

Smalltown RN

Very nice Misty and all the captions....but what kind of birds are those anyways! Here's hoping you have a teffific day....cheers


I enjoyed all your clever captions … and perhaps could have come up with a few for my ‘inquisitive visitor’ contribution today but I’m later than usual in posting at Small Reflections and think I’ll let it be … at least for now because I want to see what others have shared today. I’ve missed the Mr. Linky here the past two weeks but assume there’s a reason you’ve not posted one ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


Hi Mist - love your captions. Mine is up now. I am late today but still made it!


You were so right! Your invitation to a humorous respite (my words ... yours were better!) was spot-on! Thank You for this ... and all that have preceded ... Gift of your Self. It is so evident that You do invest all that is so deliciously YOU in what You offer here. and I love it!

(As I do Love YOU!)


Yup, Tammy's BFF is very funny! I laughed more than once, girlfriend, you're the bomb!

I AM TOO playing. Maybe all those tears in your allergy infected eyes were trickin you. Better come back, Louie needs you. xoxo


Love the conversation! I always imagine this stuff when "stalking" my prey, too. :)


Great shot and I love the clever captions, esp. the last one about the worm. Thanks for the laughs.


"Nice view."

Great shot ...



Some of those captions certainly compliment the photo pretty well. You're so creative!

Teena in Toronto

Do you think that hurts their toes?

Thanks for visiting mine!

Cathy, Amy and Kristina


Wasn't there a movie -- Goldie Hawn? -- called "Bird on a Wire." ???

david mcmahon

At least they didn't get their wires crossed!!

(OK, OK, I'll stop now!)


^>^ nICe & FuNnY:)


Very clever! Wanna see my worm? Snort!

Heart of Rachel

Thanks for the good laugh.

Sorry I missed Camera Critters. My parents are here for a vacation and I've been spending a lot of quality time with them. I'll just make it up to you soon. Take care!

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