Saturday, May 17, 2008

Camera-Critters Sunday #6

She is beautiful, isn't she?
(c) Misty DawnS

She looks so sweet, adorable, and precious, don't ya think?

Oh yes, a critter that sweet looking certainly could never do any wrong... right?

She just makes you wanna say "Awwwww!", doesn't she?

How could you ever get angry at such an adorable critter? Well, truth is, I can't ever get angry with her, and she know this and takes full advantage of it.

Like when I come home from work and walk in the door to discover this...
Welcome home from work Mom. I missed you...
(c) Misty DawnS
You never really liked this end table, did you?

(c) Misty DawnS

Puppy teeth RULE! There is nothing I cannot destroy!
I will eat clothes...
I will eat shoes and boots...
I prefer and can locate your BEST shoes (like your Merrell shoes) and clothes...
I will eat ink pens...
I will make Mommy sick when I eat Cicadas...
Or when I try to eat baby snapping turtles or moles...
I will demolish any cardboard, plastic, or other container I can find...
I will chew a 2x2 board in half...
I will pull the insulation out of the wall that Daddy just put in - and, yep, try to eat it...
And, Mommy, when you come home from work, and you're tired,
and you see that your wooden end table has become a pile of
wood splinters all over the kitchen floor...
Well, you can't get mad...
You can only shake your head (AGAIN)...
For, I am the mighty... I am the great... I canNOT be stopped...
I am the adorable... the one and only...
I AM Puppy-Super-Teeth!



she is beautiful, Misty...

Hope you visit mine too Thanks


very pretty dog :D

Will you visit mine Thanks

Mom Knows Everything

Man did she ever do a job on the end table! She's so cute that you can't be mad at her though....look at those eyes...she's just missing you!


Destruction and all, she is very beautiful.


Hi Misty, how are you today this dull Sat eve.

Cute doggie but cheecky monkey eh!.

My Camera Critter is now up.


Oh my gosh... I love the bottom photo where she looks like she's grinning. Lol! She's a beauty... I couldn't get mad at her either :)

i beati

I love your dogs - Did you see Made of Honor? there is a beauty in there sandy


oh no! I don't know what else to say!


Boy Misty, I do know that look on a dog's face -and I know it all too well. The last dog we had, Hercules, really lived up to his name as he put forth a Herculean effort to try to snag and destroy anything and everything he could latch on to -from a good camera laying on my desk to the couch cushions, to shoes, a new rice pack made and sent to me by my aunt didn't even last 24 hours. One night I came home from work to find every chair and table leg in the dining room wrapped and tangled in yarn he'd pulled from a project I was crocheting. He was bad, yes -but also just lonely and my hours were not conducive to him getting the needed attention so when Mandy found a lady who offered him a home -indoors -we jumped at that and gave him to her where the last I heard he had done much better with his manners.


Wahah! It looks like he's laughing at you! haha!!

Texas Travelers

Amen to puppy super teeth.
Nice post and story.

Come visit my critters,


We need to get her outfitted with a Puppy-Super-Teeth cape! That would be totally super sweet! LMAO! With big ole PST on it.... Yeh!

Trish ~ ♥ ~

Having 12 puppies in as many years, we know all about those puppy teeth. We swear that why they are so cute, it allows them to get away with so much.

She is way too cute!


Yeah but but but... Look at that face. :)


She is gorgeous. That first picture looks like she's avoiding looking at you because she knows she's been a bad girl. If she just doesn't look you in the eye, then you can't get after her...

We had a dog who ate a whole box of crayons one day while we were gone.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: He gets cuter each week.


It's the eyes Misty. They are so innocent. I could not get angry either. She is beautiful. Even though I do not have a dog, I only said today that if I DID have one, it would be a border collie. Such loyal, intelligent and beautiful dogs.

If she's ever too much, ship her to me. ;0)


PS. My critter is up.

Lady Demeter

she's so cute :).


awww....she's so cute!!!


Aww.. She is a cutie.

Dallas Meow

are an amazing woman.


I am glad she lives at your house and not mine. I am glad Annie the dog is past that stage

Heart of Rachel

Hi Misty. I'm back on CC.

She's lovely. The unconditional love that our pets give us is a blessing.

Lilli & Nevada

Oh my goodness i think she is saying i be good next time with a smirk on her face.LOL But she is adorable


Don't ya just love BC's? They can always find ways to entertain themselves. I can't tell you how many chewy-toy chairs we have. And can you say "moon scape backyard"?


She is beautiful...even when she is naughty!

PUPPY SUPER TEETH!!!! has great powers.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Well, now the table has that "distressed" look that is so popular! Way to go, Maggie May!


He's so cute! How to be angry with him indeed? :-)

I wish you and your family a beautiful Sunday!

david mcmahon

She's beautiful. She's black and white and well-bred all over!!

Give her a big hug from the Authorbloglets.

And thank you, most sincerely for the wonderful comment you just left on my Critters post.

God bless


I thinks she's beautiful!

By the way TY for putting me right about the Camera Critters blog site, some how dim me hadn't realised there was one, so no wonder I struggled to participate.
Have linked this w/e but as I'm on a mini break my visiting fellow bloggers will be minimal. I'll get it all right one week LOL!



yes misty... she is. indeed :)


My post is up too! Your doggie is just wonderful. We had a border collie many years ago.


Sweet looking dog.

Jane Hards Photography

Just too sweet


Nothing is sacred to a puppy - but she IS cute. :)


OH my. been there! LOL. Chew, chew, chew.


She is so beautiful and innocent looking. Surely she didn't do that! Someone is framing that poor innocent baby. Such a cute post!


She's beautiful, but wow, she's definitely got some sharp teeth that she knows how to use!

Does she do this kind of stuff regularly? I think I would pass out if I came home to find our Annie had done something like this. On the days I'm gone long hours I try to leave her a bone to work on. She likes that.

So sorry about your end table! You probably can't be mad at her for long though, because she's adorable.


Oh, looks are SO deceiving! Great post and Puppy rules. How do they have such descrimination taste?!!


hahahahahaha!!! What a naughty puppy. Someone left a comment on my blog about how puppies have to be cute too get out of all the trouble they cause. *giggle* So true!

Great poem too. =)

I posted a CC on my old blog and my new blog at Cheers!


When we were kids we had a mutt we called Ginger .. she ate the wooden knobs off the chest of drawers, she ate half of the 'claw' arms on the den arm chairs, she was working on the parque floors when my mother said enough is enough...



I have seen that look many times! I know you didn't like that table!!


Hahaha...wonderful post!


She is very beautiful!!


She is very beautiful!!


awww she's smiling!


Hi, Misty! I am so bad. I have your email and have been responding to you in my mind all week. A week has gone by. I can't believe it. I will. It is at the top of my list. And your pup Maggie? AWWWWWWWW Those eyes!!

Helen/Spike and Drusilla OK Citizens

Oh the Puppy Teeth. My Dad just told my Mom that her new puppy should go to obedience school since he is eating the wooden posts in the bannister, one by one.


Haha! Are you sure she isn't part beaver or termite?


She IS a sweetie !!
Don't pity the dogs in Athenes, they live completely different than our dogs. They live in packs like wolves and need humans only for food and as they are all VERY fat I suppose they are not hungry at all and they all looked very happy. (fortunately otherwise I would have left the place !!)


:-) she IS cute!!! Have you ever tried to give her goody-stuffed chewing toys to keep her entertained when you are away? There are some great ideas at

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