Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Heads or Tails *Jobs*

Heads or Tails has its very own home now! If you click on the graphic above, it will take you to the awesome new HoT blog where you can sign up and start participating in this fun and popular meme!

This week's topic is "Tell about your job (Or one you've had)"

I've been in the habit of stretching the rules - Besides, I'm REALLY late at posting this. So, I'm going to see if I can remember the jobs I have held... heh - yeah, most of them are NOT great memories.

1. Planter, picker, salesgirl on a produce farm - this was my Great Uncle's farm - He and my great aunt had as much of a part in raising me as my grandparents, aunt, and dad. I was at their home every day, and during the summer, I spent almost the entire day helping on the farm or selling at their roadside stand. Those are such wonderful memories. My Great Uncle is now 94 o5 95 (can't remember) and he is still going strong and absolutely rotten and ornery to the core! I love him an indescribable amount!
2. Receptionist at a window blinds company - First job out of high school - it was NOT good. They used me, and I was let go with no explanation the DAY BEFORE my 90-day probation period would have been up - yeah, how convenient - no need to pay for my insurance.
3. Receptionist at an Environmental/Tree Trimming Company - I enjoyed the people I worked with, but medical issues ruined this for me.
4. Legal Secretary... Legal Word Processor... Legal Receptionist... Legal Office Manager - Yeah, for about 14 years now.
5. Traffic/Logistics Coordinator - I enjoyed this job. I was good at it. I worked my woohoo off. My supervisor was a male chauvinist, lazy, moron. Nuff said.
6. Office Manager of a financial company - the owner was EVIL... absolutely MEAN and EVIL. Seriously - he could easily have had charges brought against him for how he talked to his employees, but everyone was too afraid of him. E.V.I.L. and that's an understatement.
7. Virtual Assistant - Because my lawyer-boss didn't want to lose "Radar" (that's me) and I didn't want to lose "Bossman" (that's him. So, we figured it out and we've made it work - 750 miles apart and we still have a fantastic working relationship together! I ♥ this man - he is so much more than a boss - he is family.
8. Legal Document Coder - yeah that lasted about 2 months... if that - the company shut down.
9. Fill-in Secretary at an Insurance Bureau.
10. Blogger - Yeah, I do some paid blogging. Now though, with a full-time job and the VA job - I totally suck as a blogger, as some people have pointed out to me. I'm so sorry.
11. Secretary/Office Manager/Right-Hand-Gal - of a lawn mower/farm equipment dealership/repair shop. We sell AND service... which is something certain other larger corporations can't say (they sell, but don't service - your mower broke down as soon as you got it home? Tough luck.) Don't worry, I won't name names.
12. Farm Bookkeeper - I do it for our farm, and I also will be doing it for the farm of my mower shop bosses.
13. Farmer - Yeah - If ONLY I got paid for this...... *sigh*

Are there some I'm not remembering? Yeah probably, but it's time for me to go call my daddy now...



My Heads or Tails was pretty late, too. That's quite a list of jobs.


You're late posting and I'm late visiting.. what a pair WE are. LOL! At least we're in good company, right? ;)

I loved learning more about who you are and where you've been!!!

Is the "other" tractor company.. um.. GREEN by any chance?


Oh and shup to the people who don't understand that sometimes real life interferes with blogging. :P

(Naughty me. Maybe I shouldn't have said that.)


Do people really tell you you suck as a blogger? Those people suck! The sucky suckers.

Love you!


hee hee love the farmer job one! How fab to have your own farm!

You have done loads of jobs lol, but It's good to have variety though i think.

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