Friday, May 9, 2008

How Do You Busy Women Do It???

Wow! I have seriously got to get a schedule or routine figured out, or I am going to go crazy.

With the dogs, working 9 to 5, coming home and doing Virtual Assistance work, blogging, preparing dinner, house chores, etc, I am quickly realizing there aren't enough hours in the day. I must admit that Hubs has really been picking up the slack for me, and I greatly appreciate that. However, I feel like I should be able to get it all done in a day. Other women get all of this and more done in a day - so, what's my problem? I can't seem to get it all done, and then I make myself feel like a failure and a bad wife when it is 7 p.m., I'm still working on a computer and dinner hasn't even been thought about.

Yesterday, I came home and walked in the house to discover that, while we were gone during the day, the puppy had got out of the room she was in and had free access to the rest of the house. NOT GOOD! She ate my best pair of dress shoes, my brand new sandals, and an entire container of ink pens!!! There were pieces of shoes and ink pen parts throughout the house, and I walked along afraid to enter each next room to see what else she may have eaten!

I just CAN'T wait until we have this house, buildings, and land set up the way we need it to be! We are running out of money, which is why I'm working three jobs... yet, things are breaking and going wrong just as fast as I can make the money for the OTHER projects! UGH. Not only do we have MANY huge home improvements to finish, buildings to move, a farm to get started... I have a puppy who eats my wardrobe, our toilet started leaking really bad this week and is ruining the floor underneath it, I need a new windshield wiper for my vehicle and probably new brakes... I'm not sure whether to scream, have a good cry, just ignore everything, or what - doesn't matter, I don't have the energy anyway. Gee, does this sound like a venting post? Forgive me.

The new job is great. I think I'm really going to like it. Right now, I've got my work cut out for me, because I'm trying to get an equipment dealership/repair shop organized, along with getting the entire year entered into QuickBooks. It's going to take me a while, but I enjoy working with the people and the laid-back environment.

My sister-in-law called me a little bit ago. I answered the phone, and she asked, "So, what county are you in today?" I told her that my mind was too full to be sure... I just went to wherever my vehicle took me, found a computer, and started working on it ;-)

Gosh, I really miss ALL of you, and I really am doing my best to try to figure out a better schedule so I can visit blogs more often.



Oh man! What a day for you! Just know that you do more than I do in any given day if that makes you feel better. You're the kind of woman that seems to "do it all" to me. I don't have a job, unless you consider having 2 babies at home a job (I do. . . but you get what I mean) and I still can't keep up. If you find the perfect routine/schedule, let me know would ya? ;)

BTW- I'd love to have you stop by my blog. . . as you probably know, I went private, but I LOVE your blogs and would love to see ya again. NO PRESSURE or RUSH, just stopping by to say hi. Not trying to add something else to your "to do" list.

Drop me an email when you get a chance. Have a great week :)

i beati

What are the priorities . the rest will fall where it may- Health family animals money what order?I know its hard - I've been cirlcing for 6 months // sk


We all have different energy levels so don't compare yourself to any one else. It strikes me you are doing a lot anyway.

I know how frustrating not having enough cash to get things done can be. I hope it evens out soon.


Psst--I'll tell ya a secret. I don't do it all. I try to & expect myself to, but I don't. I've been trying to cook dinner all week & we've just wound up eating fast food or TV dinners. The house hasn't been cleaned in...well, a while. I've been behind on my homework since the start of the quarter. Seven's been eating Poor Hubby's shoes & belts (hmm...maybe he'll put them away now!) & pictures (that one's my fault). I always hope to take her for a walk for both our sakes, but never have the energy. I guess what I'm trying to say is that your best is all you can do & everything else can wait a while. Don't work yourself sick, okay? (I bet you would, too, huh?) I'm so sorry to hear things around the property aren't progressing well. I hope that gets taken care of quickly. Keep us updated if you can & don't worry, we'll be here when you have the time. (((hugs)))


You can't do it all so don't even try. Just do what you can and don't feel guilty because no-one will think bad of you honest. :)


Hey there,

Thanks for dropping by my blog with your birthday wishes.

As far as getting stuff done. Don't stress about it. What gets done, gets done and what doesn't will keep.

Have a great day!

Mom Knows Everything

You'll get it all done eventually. Want me to break out the pop pom emoticon? T2MD RULZ!!


It's all definitely a big juggling act when you get right down to it and, personally, I find myself dropping balls all the time as you're right, there are just NOT enough hours in the day to be able to do everything.

Do what you can when you can and remember to put your health at the top of the list because without it, you can't do anything.


I know what you mean about there not being enough hours in the day. And I don't even have the energy to sufficiently use the hours there already are anyway!

Give it some time, and I'm sure you'll get into a routine. Don't try to be Super Woman! No one, except maybe you, really expects you to do everything in a day! Cut yourself some slack!

Give the crazy puppy a belly rub from me! And a big, warm hug to you!


I could have written this post. I can't do it all. So I don't. I feel guilty and inadequate. But, you know, the house being dirty isn't the end of the world. The kids missing their dad because he works nights AND their mom because she's too busy "doing it all" is not good.

Priorities and your mental well being. Do what you can when you can. The rest will wait.

As for money? Yeah. I'm still trying to figure that one out. One step forward, three steps back is the story of my life.

Travis Cody

Don't forget to breathe!

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