Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Such a Dork

Yesterday, I went to lunch at the park. I scarfed down my lunch, as usual, so I could hurry up and get outside with the camera. So, I decided to walk to the front of the park (down by the road), because there are some beautiful purple Iris flowers there. If you know me at all, you know I LOVE purple.

So, I walked to the front of the park, while people gave me those 'glances'. Shhhh - don't look now, it's that crazy little woman with the big camera again - just pretend you don't see her. Anyway, I got to the front of the park, and happily noticed the sun's rays were beautifully pulling out the purple in the flowers.

So, I was focusing on a purple beauty when a butterfly (a species I don't remember ever seeing before) landed on the Iris. "Oh Wow! Gonna have to get Bear to ID this - he's gonna think it's awesome!", I thought to myself.

And I pressed the shutter button...

Hmmm, that was strange...

The camera didn't seem to take the picture correctly...

What the???

It was then that I realized my memory card was AT HOME in the laptop!!!
(Great job Mist)

Now, they are calling for thunderstorms today, with thunderstorm/rain possibilities for a whole week. (Even Greater Way to Go Mist)

Yeah - little thunderclouds in a line on the weather forecast - and little butterflies dancing through my head. (No, I haven't been smoking anything - why do you ask?)

Oh, and yesterday, we packed away most of the cold weather clothes and brought out the warm weather clothes. I always get so excited to unpack my shorts and t-shirts! (I'm still checking into finding a certain shirt like mine for a certain friend of mine whom I need to bribe to let me play with a certain RC car of his... anyway - boy did I go way off topic... No, I'm not drinking either, why do you ask?)

So, unpacked the warmer weather clothes. Now - here I sit, ready for work, wearing a sweatshirt, because the weather is supposed to be chilly........ oh yeah - and rainy.

Sometimes you've just got to smile and say 'focus' (Argentina style)
Nevermind, I'll explain that comment later... I gotta go to work... no, I'm not sniffing anything - why do you ask?



Hey.. you can keep that rain over there. We need some sunny days over here. :)

LOL @ focus.

Mom Knows Everything

Why do I ask....just wondering that's all. ROFL Love ya Dork!

Crazed Nitwit

You are so funny. I'm sure you're not the first or last person who forgets their memory card. It cool and rainy here and I aodre this weather. Feel great on my sinus headache. HUGS!


What are you like Misty? LOL


Misty is NOT a dork! Just saying.

I have a challenge for you...

The BlogBlast For Peace Meme ~ Join The Revolution.

Big hug and have a great day. :)

i beati

Argentina style hahah


Been there - done that - carry an extra memory card!

It's still too darned cold here to even think about packing up the winter stuff. Every time I think about it, we get another batch of rain and cold weather blowing in. I keep wondering where the global warming is that Al Gore has been talking about!

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

Oh no! Sounds like something I would do.


I always put my card back in the camera after I download the pics to the pc. A good habit to get into lol. I don't or wont take my camera to work with me as it would sit in my car all day anyway(can't take it into my workplace). It's nice you can do take yours with you though.


ARGH!!! The dreaded missing memory card! I hate when that happens. My old camera had internal memory so I never ran into that problem. Wish all cameras had that feature.

Bradley's Mom

Hi Misty:

Just stopping by to wish you a very Happy Memorial Day holiday weekend!!


Travis Cody

The weather is so wonky these days.


Whatever you're on - I want some!

AT least you got the butterfly in the lens. I am just not fast enough yet...

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