Monday, May 19, 2008

My Vehicle Too?

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Is it already Monday again? You have GOT to be kidding me! We had a weekend in there somewhere?

Well, I must admit, I didn't enjoy the weekend like I had planned. Oh well.

Now, it is Monday, and I need to head to work at the equipment/mower dealership. I also need to find an auto parts place that does repairs, because to top off all the other worries in my head this weekend, the check engine light came on in my vehicle... the only vehicle I drive... the only vehicle which gets me back and forth to work... the only vehicle which isn't diesel. Yeah, you seen the price of diesel fuel lately? It's enough to make your heart skip several beats! Hmmmm, I wonder how many cows out here in Podunk are certified to work on a Dodge...

Oh yeah, and I need new windshield wipers too... thanks for reminding me!


Smalltown RN

Hey's going to be ok....consider yourself being hugged....happy Monday.....remember if we don't laugh we'll laugh it uses move muscles and that is so good for the face....

i beati

it must be Monday haha


How can flowers be so pretty ... on a Monday :/

And what a bad puppy down below! :P


Mondays come round too quick! :(


My wipers work fine long as it doesn't rain!

Hugs Misty.

Mom Knows Everything

I'm still waiting for the hose for my car, so whoever gets theirs fixed first we'll drive each other.;o)


Try not to worry Misty, we all love ya:)
come sheer up and see my little critter.


I hope your vehicle doesn't cost too much to repair. I hate having car problems. Sending good vibes your way. Yes, I have noticed the price of gasoline and diesel. Yikes! Big hug. :)


Oh, we had a weekend? It went by so fast, I didn't notice.

I'm so sorry about the car. I totally understand. I hope the check engine light didn't mean anything serious.

Chelsea + Shiloh

Grrr I know what you mean about diesl...Im paying $1.75 a litre..I have no idea what that is american or gallons but it was enough to make me gasp yesterday...

Sorry bout your car :( makes me realise how reliant we are on them


Aaah love the flowers - is that alysum? Good food and conversation cures all. ;0) Even engine lights and wipers.

Till we get back to the real world... But it is good to relax a bit. Glad you got some family time and thanks for the link on wrinkle cream! :0/ (Previous post.)

diesel never used to be so expensive - at one time it was cheaper than petrol. What is happening to the world?

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