Saturday, May 31, 2008

NEED that

I admit I am spoiled. I've never argued that fact. I'm spoiled in life and emotions, but for this post, I'm going to talk about being gadget spoiled. Yes, material things - which normally mean nothing to me, unless they have buttons, a keyboard, lights, sound, chips, drives... you get the idea. Yes, I am female, but show me the coolest pair of shoes in the world, and I will just kind of nod with serious lack of interest. However, wave an MP3 player, digital camera, or software CD in my face, and my tongue will hang out the side of my mouth like one of my dogs, my eyes will spin around in my head, and I'll start repeating phrases such as "Must have that", "Wanna play with that", or Hub's personal favorite "OH! I NEEEEEED that!".

Last night, I was in my 'own world' with my laptop and was lost in internet bliss. Hubs was talking - at least I think he was. There was a lot of background noise. Maybe it was just the TV. However, I did hear Hubs say, "MY computer is running very slow."

"Duh, that's because it is eight years old and tired." I mumbled in response. I was only half paying attention, because we have this conversation often - Hubs complains about the ancient desktop, but rather than wanting to upgrade, he's wanting me to go work my magic and make it run like it did eight years ago. So, I was only half paying attention. UNTIL... I heard it...

"No, seriously, it is running really slow and there's this error that keeps popping up on it. Eventually, when we have extra money, I'm thinking it's time for a new desktop computer."

Did you hear the record scratch??? I did, and it brought me out of 'internet world' and into 'possible new electronic in the house' mode. Yup, my tongue was hanging out to the side and everything.

Of course being the selfish little brat I am I made Hubs promise that my camera comes first, because... well, because it just DOES, but then I started rattling on at about 100 miles per hour about what his new desktop computer should be equipped with and do.

In fact, naturally, I went 'window' shopping and found some awesome deals, including a great deal on HP Pavillions.
Have you ever seen such beauty? The only thing more beautiful than a new computer is the dslr camera I longingly drool over every day a gorgeous dslr camera. ;-)

That computer system is an HP Pavillion Elite. Trust them when they say 'elite', because it is! It even has a TV tuner card, which I've already got ideas for. Hubs can control that remote and quit changing the channel while I'm trying to watch Grey's Anatomy or House! Best of all, that beautiful system up there is on sale for a great deal, along with lots of other awesome electronics. Yes, I'm drooling all over my keyboard just a little.

Finally, Hubs stated, "I can't understand why you are getting so excited about getting me an new computer."

To which I replied, "Ohhhhh, because you'll want ME to set it up and put your programs on it and get it all ready for you." Then, I think I went into dreamland again, because I started muttering things like "and I'll love it and admire it and talk sweet nothings to it." That was when Hubs turned the sound on the TV up and tuned me out. :-)




So is your hubbie going to like using your old laptop (lol)

There is nothing like a new computer. Mom's computer is older than dirt but she won't part with. I back it up every chance I get. It won't be long.....

Again Love Your Pictures!

Mom Knows Everything

So you are getting a new PC, sorry I mean Jim is getting a new PC. hehehe.


And eventually you take it over. Sweet! ;)


Yep you're my type of gal

Travis Cody

We're in the market for a new desktop later this summer. First up is to finish the cassette portion of the music conversion. I figure once that's done then we can sell the ION machine on eBay and maybe make a bit of cash to put toward the new desktop.

Have fun shopping!

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