Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Right Direction

See that neat gadget in the photo? I want one! Yes, I know, you are thinking that I sure do want a lot of electronics and gadgets. I'm a technology addict, and I'm not afraid to admit it. However, before you jump to conclusions and start judging my electronic greediness, let me explain. When I'm done, I'm sure you will completely agree with me that I need one of these GPS systems!

You see, my family reunion is at the end of June. So, I was planning on going back to Ohio to visit for the reunion and to spend time with my dad. Well, the original plan was for my step-son to come out here to spend some time with us immediately after his high school graduation. Then, he would ride back to Ohio with me. That would give me someone to read the directions and keep me company. Now, however, those plans are getting messed up. My step-son wants to re-take his ACTs, which is a good thing, because I believe that college comes first. However, the re-test date is for June 14. So, my step-son doesn't want to come out here, only get to spend about a week, and then have to go home. My dad, however says that I BETTER be coming out there, because he has been looking forward to it. So, I'm considering making the trip all by myself.

It would be only the second time I have ever made a trip this long. The first time was when I moved here. It would also be the first time I have ever done it by myself. My dad came with me when I moved out here. I really should also mention that I am horrible with directions. So, I would feel MUCH better if I had a GPS system to help me get back to my daddy and make me feel like this little girl again.
It's OK, you can go ahead and say how cute I was. What do you mean you didn't realize I was even in the picture?

Anyway, a GPS system would really help me become really good at and secure with traveling by myself. Imagine it - I'd start visiting all my blogging buddies! Wait a minute! I was just informed that a record breaking number of bloggers just announced they were moving. What's up with that?


Crazed Nitwit

Your daddy looks like Matthew McConahey back when he had hair.


I am a gadget addict too. I never thought of a GPS for travelling by myself, but I want my hubby to get one for when he takes the boat on the ocean but he is not technically inclined.


How many hours' drive is it Misty? You can do it. I once drove 18 hours straight in one day (!) during my big move across the country. I recommend audiobooks to keep you company. That, and just know what highways you need to take and in what cities you'll switch from one road to another. Before switching highways, exit, consult the map, and do your best! You can do it!

Mom Knows Everything

Your daddy is HOT! Did I just freak you out? LOL!!! You are definitely going to need a GPS when you come to Canada to visit me....when can I expect you?


I'm getting a GPS soon so I will be doing some research. I'll def. let you know what info I learn.


Oh, I have one of those and I LOVE IT! Probably one of my favorite gadgets.

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