Friday, May 30, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

(c) Misty DawnS

The sky wasn't very exciting, but what was sitting in front of the sky was exciting, in my opinion. Hubs and I had both seen these neat birds recently, and we had even asked each other about them. When we concluded that neither one of us knew what kind of bird it was, Hubs said, "Another one to ask Bear about." (Hubs, thinks my friendship with my critter-identifying buddy, Bear, is a pretty special friendship.) So, for almost a week, I have been attempting to get a good shot of these birds so I could send them to my buddy. Finally, on my way home from work yesterday, this one was posing on one of the fence posts when I turned onto my road.

Of course, Bear ID'd the Inland Sandpiper for me. (Pretty soon I'll be able to snatch that pebble, eh Bear?) :-)

In this pic, the bird looks like he's standing up to give a speech or something. Maybe he's going to give a diet pill review. Yes, I realize that was very, very, very corny... but, hey, at least the photo is pretty neat.



Great capture of the bird posing in front of the sky.


Bird shot is excited indeed.

Mom Knows Everything

I love the profile of the bird in the foreground. Yet another beautiful shot! You all ready for our big night this weekend? I am!!!

Quiet Paths

This is great! Nice shot.


Yes, the photo is pretty neat. I never know what kind of bird I'm looking at, but that doesn't stop me from looking. I guess I need a Bear in my life, too.


The bird on the post is exciting to me and it might look like some kind of plover but I am not sure. Nice post.


cool bird

Jane Hards Photography

I do like the bird shots. It's a fabulous skywatch image.


Nice shot!

Petunia's SWF


Love the profile of the bird in the foreground.


Great shot!


I think it's a wonderful photo and I try to get these kind of birds and find it hard because they KNOW I'm there and fly away before I get a chance... good job!
Rocky Mountain Retreat

i beati

one of my favorites

FO - 2

Great capture! :)


Tweet-tweet! :)


Nice photo!

Snap Catch

nice one for SWF! mine's up too hope you can drop by.

Kathie Brown

Nice to see anotehr bird in a Skywatch photo! Keep at it and you'll soon know them all!


Sometimes the sky is a gracious backdrop to other sources of beauty--which your photo shows!


Nice of him to pose for you! Great shot!

Diane Vogel Ferri

great shot of the bird - they're always flying away on me!


An inland sandpiper! That would explain the long skinny beak and those willowy legs. Great shot.


Hi Misty, like your thinking as long as it contains sky - it can also have something else as the focal point, and yours is a great focal point with a dull and cloudy sky. great shot.

pop and see my water features.

Daniel J Santos

Great catch, well done.


This is still a neat post for SW..


Great capture!

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