Friday, May 9, 2008

Tear in my Eye Cuz I Miss Pizza Pie

I really, truly, wholeheartedly miss my favorite little pizza shop in Ohio! Friday was pizza day. I'd leave work, order the pizza, pick up step-son, pick up pizza, go home, grab a couple o' slices o' pizza, a beer (no, you don't need to have me commited to alcohol rehab), and just 'chill'.

Here, there is NOwhere to get good pizza. Well, there's a convenince store combination gas station that sells pizza. You'll have to fogive me, but gas station pizza just will NOT compare to the pizza from my beloved little Ohio pizza shop.

I bought pizza from there so often that when we were moving, the owner of the shop came out and said, "Wow! Your Friday night pizza drive is gonna get a lot longer!" When we went back at Christmas to visit - of course we ordered pizza. When I went in to pick up our pizzas, the owner came running out to give me a huge hug. The owner is a fantastic guy and family friend. He even overnight shipped frozen pizzas to my sister-in-law to surprise me and Hubs for our anniversary last year!

Right now... today... I NEED that pizza! No, I'm not pregnant - I'm just stressed, sick, relieved, excited, thankful, worried, overwhelmed, exhausted, and emotional (can ya tell? Nah, I didn't think so). Ho Hum, a fourteen hour pizza drive doesn't sound very inviting right now. Anyone coming this way and going through Ohio? I'll pay ya to bring me pizza!

Hmmmm, maybe we should open a pizza shop! Sure, I don't have anything else to do ;-) Amazing how these great ideas pop up when you least expect them!


Mom Knows Everything

Come over to my house, I'll make you pizza!!!!!! What time can I expect you?

Mom Knows Everything

Hey girl! Check out my latest post, you are a drop star!


Pizza can cure so many things!

when we left Brooklyn I thought we'd never have good pizza again - yes - I can be a bit dramatic, but it turns out half of Brooklyn is now making pizza here in NJ.


Sorry, can't help you. I haven't been to Ohio in years.

I don't know exactly how good that pizza is, but you ought to try the Tombstone Garlic Bread pizza. That stuff is really good, and you can keep some in your freezer to have when you want it.

I need to buy some pizza.


I completely understand your cravings. I miss pork barbeque. Whenever we visit Memphis, we get our fill of all our favorite restaurants.

Sigh. I need to go back soon.


What a shame you can't get your favourite Pizza anymore, well not fresh anyway. Can't you order them frozen and stock your freezer up?

Heart of Rachel

I love pizza too and I understand how much you must miss that favorite pizza of yours.

I'm very sorry for not being able to visit you lately. My parents are home for a vacation and I'm spending a lot of time with them lately. I'll make it up to you soon.


No substitute for that distinctive aroma as you approach the door, the particular way the lighting gives everything its own appearance though the articles are duplicated a thousand times over elsewhere ... they just look different in THAT PLACE!. and an owner who loves You! How can you ever beat that?!?! Wow, Baby Darlin', I bleed for You (thick gooey tomato sauce.) And now (thanks to you and this disturbing bit of salivary stimulation) I am puttin' some pasta and sauce on! Gotta have it!!

I adore You My Darling Misty! You are MAGIC!!

i beati

wow its so true the places we miss or when a specialplace closes . its a part of us !!!

Crazed Nitwit

hey Babe. You never need to apologize for not reading my blog. For goddness' sake, it's a little blurb in the blog world and everyone has a life to deal with it. I wasn't upset when I asked if you still read my blog.......kinda teasin' because I know you have a new job and you've been sick and there's Hugh Laurie to watch etc., etc., etc.

You'll laways be my favrite reader whether you have time to read or not.

Super de duper huggles!!!!

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