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Camera-Critters Sunday #4 *Matouk*

This post is dedicated to the 'critter' who has been the main subject of my prayers since Monday night...

He's not a dog (I can't tell you how many times I've reminded my dad of this)...

(c) Misty DawnS

See those yellow eyes? A young boy was out for a walk with his mom and sister one day. They passed my dad and his 'dog' out for a walk. The little boy looked at my dad and said "You can see the evil in his eyes!" My dad just laughed, because Matouk is definitely not evil. But, there is definitely something about those eyes... I can just sit and stare into Matouk's eyes for hours. Through those eyes, you can 'see' him thinking and planning.

No, he's definitely not a 'dog'...
But, he's also not 'completely' a wolf...
(c) Misty DawnS

I don't know of many wolves who own Beanie Baby stuffed animals, have their own couch, have ice cream for dessert at night, or take inventory of the fridge contents whenever it is opened. Nope, I don't know many wolves like that. However, Matouk is more wolf than he is dog, in my opinion.

He even 'sings' like a wolf...

Low Pitch - (c) Misty DawnS

High Pitch - (c) Misty DawnS

So, he's not a 'dog', and he's not a 'wolf'. He's my boyfriend - but don't get too jealous ladies, because he LOVES ALL ladies, especially if you talk to him, because he loves women's voices. But, honestly, the best and only way to describe him is "He's Matouk." He has his own ideas; his own way of thinking; his own plan of how life should be lived. He is smarter than any creature I have ever met, and I must admit that includes humans. That may sound like a rather crazy remark, but if you met him and got to know him, you would understand. "He's Matouk", and he's truly one of a kind.

Why has he been the subject of my prayers? Because he had been missing since Monday night. I prayed, and I prayed. You see, last year, he went for a walk by himself, and when he came back, he had been shot three times with a 22 caliber gun. So, you can understand my worry, especially when you add in the fact that my dad lives by a very busy interstate. Yesterday, on my way home from work, my dad called. He has spent the entire week walking the woods, hanging up posters, talking to people, looking... hoping... praying. Yesterday, Dad had been at the pound and the APL, just to check for himself, even though he had already called them. When he got home, he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Matouk in his dog house!

Matouk is VERY sore, exhausted, and has an injured foot. However, he's BACK and he's alive! Now, in my prayers, I just keep repeating "Thank you!" over and over again.

There are SO many entertaining, funny, and thought-provoking stories I could share with you about Matouk. Some of the stories, you probably wouldn't even believe, because, sometimes, you can be there watching and seeing it for yourself, yet you still can't believe what you are seeing. I cannot accurately describe the depth of his thought processes, reasoning, premeditating, and logic. It may sound corny, but I say with complete conviction that I am thankful and honored to have had the opportunity to have Matouk in my life, and I'm a better person as a result of getting to know (and love) him.



I've said this before and I'll say it again...Matouk is one of the most beautiful animals I have seen. And I am very glad he returned. Nice photos, Misty.


Oh Misty! You had me so afraid reading this post that he'd been found and was dead or near death! So glad he's back home, a little the worse for wear maybe, but home anyway. This reminded me so much of the dog my son had -"Andrei" (he died in December of 2006 very suddenly) and Andrei was part G-Shepherd and Akita but we always felt he might have had a bit of wolf in him somewhere along the way too as he had a lot of wolf characteristics -especially the howl! When my son was not around, he would look all over for him and then, usually end up seated by the front door where he would cry (howl) the most mournful sound you'd ever want to hear. Made you just want to sit beside him, hug him and cry right along with him, ya know. Anyway -I'm so glad he's back home with your Dad! Such a relief.


One beautiful post there Misty.
You get the prize for top Post.
Pleased alls well. My entry will be up by 1o30pm by my clock.

Nikki Neurotic

Glad he found his way home again. Very touching post.


Oh, thank God! I am a very very big fan of wolves, and Matouk, with those gorgeous penetrating eyes, looks more wolf than dog to me. I'm sure he is one fine animal, and I am so glad he is safe. I'd love to spend some quality time with this handsome guy.

Mom Knows Everything

I am so glad he's home! I know how worried you were about him. Aidan LOVED hearing him sing!

Trish ~ ♥ ~

What a beautiful "critter", so glad he is home safe and sound.


What an impressive "Canid" ! He has a kind of nobility! I'm glad he's back home!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

p.s. Mine is up too


Wonderful photographs and post! Keep up the good work!


Wow, what beautiful photos!! Glad to hear he was found!


What a great post. He's beautiful and he sounds just wonderful. Thank goodness he is safe.


Thank God he's back home! I had to hurry & read the end to make sure it's a happy ending. He's a stunning boyfriend.

My Camera Critter post will pop up right at midnight. Hee!


Oh wow... a beautiful ending ... I'm so relieved he found his way home.. yay.
Beautiful animal..incredible!


I'm SO glad he's back and fine! Boomer jumped up and jerked around like she got bit in the butt when I played the howling...I was cracking up!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: Cool post about the Wolf.


He's so gorgeous! Love those eyes best.

Lilli & Nevada

Oh my gosh i was in tears when i read that he had been shot and then the tears were of joy as i found that he is home.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

He's beautiful, Misty! A very handsome boyfriend, indeed. SO glad he's OK!

My Camera Critter will also pop up at midnight!

Teena in Toronto

What a gorgeous animal!

Mine's up too :)


Glad he is safely home. A lovely animals. Wolves had had a bad rep they are wonderful animals, a pity that the States is allowing open shooting of them again.


So glad he is back with you. I enjoyed seeing his video. And nice post you have here. Mine is a butterfly.


He is a beautiful creature. I am glad he is back with you again.

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What a beautiful beautiful animal. I am so glad he returned safely!!! I love his howl!

Corey~living and loving

I am so very glad that he is back home and safe. I hope he has a speedy healing. :)

This is my first week participating. I'm thrilled.

david mcmahon

Hope your husband's recovery continues to be speedy.

Intrigued about the name ``Matouk'' - where does it come from?

My Critters post will be up in about 30 minutes. It's on auto-post .....

david mcmahon

Forgot to ask - will you be using Mister Linky, or shall we just let you know with a comment when our posts are published?


What a beautiful Matouk (not sure what??). Mist, I think I prefer the high pitched howl, that does it for me! Great story, great photos and sound effects, and I am very glad he is home, safe and sound. Despite that foot. Poor baby. Extra ice cream for him, no doubt. xoxo


I am so glad Matouk is home safely and I pray for his complete recovery. He is so handsome and has awesome eyes, but all I see is depth & love!


What a handsome guy & touching story about him.
Am soo relieved it had a happy ending & Matouk is safely home.

My post is now up.




Remind me to tell you about my picture of a wolf!

My post is now up!

Jane Hards Photography

That was really well put together post and lovely wolf images.

Mine's up too.


I'm so glad he made it back! What a wonderful post, keeping me on the edge of my seat until the end.
Thanks for sharing Matouk.
I recently lost my Siberian Husky, Pashka who so leaned toward her wolf ancestors at times. The rest of the time you could leave your children with her to raise. :O)

Kerri Farley

Glad he returned!


I'm so relieved Matouk is back home. I was getting ready to create a 'sticky post' about him (like I did for TN Chick's missing Beagle 'Zoey' last week. Wonderful post today Misty. Mine's up at Small Reflections this morning.
Hugs and blessings,

i beati

Fabulous post - loved it


Oh Misty! I almost didn't read the whole post because I didn't want to read another sad story. But I'm glad I did. It brought tears to my eyes, though. Matouk's name is perfect. And he looks SO at home in the woods. Beautiful beautiful.


He is just beautiful! I'm glad he got back home and is ok. I loved reading this storyl. Where did your dad get him? That would be another interesting story I think.


So glad he is home and in one piece! He is beautiful, and you are so right.l He is not a dog. He looks like a wolf / dog I know - Storm. Storm is beautiful, soft, with eyes like Matouk's.

I am so glad for you. Hope he recovers.

How do I join up Creature Critters? You invited me when you started up...
What do I have to do and how often do I post?


So, I am totally confused here. Is he a dog, or a wolf, or a wolf/dog mix?


I'm so happy for you Misty that Matouk has returned well. x


I held my breath while I was reading that he had disappeared for such long days ! but fortunately he came back and not too much hurt. I can imagine that people take him for a wolf, he really looks like and his "singing" is very similar too ! He truely has strange eyes but apparently he is a sweet compagnon to you. You must be sooooo happy that he is back !


wow...that is nice shot, misty..

If you have time will you visit my post today, Me and Lady Diana Thanks


Beautiful animal ! !

I love the cover. Looks like he really belongs there.


one word sums your post up



Your dad has a pet wolf? Wow! He's a stunning looking animal. And I see the intelligence and wisdom of ages in his eyes.

BTW, I'm glad to see you're well again. Sorry for not visiting/commenting much lately - my old desktop PC is a pain in the bottom. I should hopefully have a new laptop in a couple of months.


So glad Matouk returned! Is he a cover "dog"?


Hey Misty! I've joined in and my first critter is up. Come see! I linked it to you.

Hope your hubby is ok too and you - how's it going?


I am so glad he's back and OK!!

I was getting very nervous as I read along.

My, not quite as exotic, critter post will be up soon.

Late and rushing is my new state of being for now.

take care


He is just so handsome .. great shots as always .. hope you are on the road to all better!


Travis Cody

Years ago I had the pleasure of raising a half wolf/half Malamute named Baryn. He was a great dog. Regrettably, we were forced to move from a house with a large yard when the owners decided to sell it. So we had to return Baryn to the place where we got him.

Wolves are misunderstood. They aren't evil...they are just creatures trying to make it in a world where humans continue to encroach on their space.


Your boyfriend is so handsome. I'm so glad to hear he's back home.


beautiful photos.

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

That is one gorgeous boy. I'm so glad he turned out.


It's so nice to put a face with the animal! You should have seen Sasha when I played the two voice clips. LOL. :)

I'm SO glad he made it home!!!!!


He is a very beautiful animal. I'm glad he found his way home.

The Gal Herself

Happy ending! Thank goodness. Because this baby has one gorgeous face!

Jim and Jami

Misty, I am sooooo glad that Matouk is home.....Thank you for visiting the Circus.....Jami


Oh, I'm so glad your boyfriend's safe. I'dve been so worried sick. He does sound like a special "critter."


I'm glad he's back and safe. I hope he gets better soon.

Lori Whitwam

SO GLAD to hear Matouk is safe and sound! So many ignorant people who might harm him for his "wolfish" appearance, and so many bad things that can happen to pets who get out and about. I love a happy ending!

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