Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wordless Wednesday... Almost

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Will I ever get caught up? I'm beginning to think the answer to that is 'no'. I have OVER 500 unread posts in my reader! Then, when I participate in a meme, I visit all those participants! Now, I start my new full-time job today, in addition to coming home to do my Virtual Assistant work! Will I ever get caught up? I'm beginning to think not. I do promise to be better at visiting everyone's blogs... I just need to have a little while to figure out a routine and schedule... I'm a routine-kinda gal. So, right now, I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed.

Did I mention that my throat feels as if I have swallowed razor blades? I just keep thinking, "No, no, NO! I can NOT get sick right now."

I'll be back this evening, and I'll start trying to get that routine figured out... Don't give up on me, Friends!



Definitely would not give up on you, but do miss you and sure hope you're not getting sick again....


I'm sure no one would mind if you just clicked that "mark all as read" button. That's what I end up doing when I'm alway for an extended period. I'd seriously go crazy trying to catch up with everything.

I hope you feel better.


I can relate … because I’ve had more than 1000 posts in my reader for a couple of weeks (GR seems to stop counting at 1000) … so I’ve been trying to systematically ‘unsubscribe’ to blogs to cut that number ... and using the 'Mark as Read' button for blogs I want to keep in the reader.

This morning I’ve got 828 as I’m typing this comment … and I’m trying not to feel ‘guilty’ … making my best effort to stay current with those who visit me. I’m RETIRED and have no clue how anyone who works manages any of this. I sincerely hope you’re not getting sick again … and hope you’ll cut yourself some ‘slack’ … let the old posts go and just pick up from where you are, doing what you can w/o stressing yourself out.

I've shared a collage of flowers from my yard at Small Reflections and a 'deserted' stretch of beach with a Haiku at Sacred Ruminations today but I’m cutting YOU some slack by not signing the Mr. Linky. Take care of yourself … please.
Hugs and blessings,


I'm not giving up on you either. I hope you aren't getting sick again. That would be awful.

Sometimes you just have to "mark all as read" in your reader. Don't stress yourself. Clean the slate and you'll feel much better. Have a great day. :)


We will still be here, whether you read all those or not. So, like Sandee said, mark some as read and move on with a clean slate!

Happy WW.


Do me a huge favor Darling Girl. Take whatever time that you would have invested at my Place. Chill for those moments. Do NOTHING! And we (you and I) will call it a visit. How's that?!

I like the thought of creating a moment of "You Time" just for Sweet Misty! This makes me feel good ... for You!

'Cause, I Love You, dontcha know?!


Puppy! :)
Take your time & take care of yourself. It's not like we're goin' anywhere, out here in the blogosphere. (((hugs)))


I'm a routine kind of person, too. If I do something out of order, I end up forgetting something else.

I have more unread items in my reader than you do. I don't think it's possible to keep up, and I'm home all day. Just do your best, and take care of yourself!

Mom Knows Everything

I totally agree with Silver Neurotic! Just start fresh. I hope you had a good day at work and I can't wait to hear how everything went tonight when we chat. Miss Ya Dork!

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Don't push yourself too hard, sweetie! We don't want you sick again! The blogs aren't going anywhere - I like the idea of "starting fresh". We'll all still be here for ya!


Never give up on a friend blogger,little by little eh.

Hope your throat and you feel better soon.


I read about virtual assistant but do not know how to get started??is there a money investment>?which I have none?


Oh no you can't get sick just as you've started a new job :(

I'm sending you Reiki right away to ward off those evil germs!

Le Butterfly

Life has a funny way of throwing us curve balls.
I am trying to keep us myself.
and now We finally got our visas to move to Ireland - 6 weeks I must wrap up work and home and move country!


Girlfriend, I can feel your pain! I hit the "Mark All As Read" button once while I was out in California and then opened my Google Reader again today only to let out a rather loud groan! At this point, I'm doing my best to skim posts and at least put my two cents worth in here and there and let people know I'm still alive.

Hoping that Akelamalu's Reiki helps send those evil germs packing!

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