Thursday, May 29, 2008

Youthful Wisdom

(c) Misty DawnS

Someday, I'll have my own flowerbeds with beautiful flowers of purple, pink, red, purple, yellow, orange, lavender, white, blue, dark purple... well, you get the idea. For now, I'm just hoping the grass seed grows and we have a yard eventually ;-) So, on Monday, I walked around full of jealousy captured the beauty in my sister-in-law's gorgeous flowerbeds.

I had a little helper too.
"Aunt Misty, what are you doing?"
"I'm taking pictures of your mommy's flowers."
"But why?"
"Because they are pretty."
"They're Mommy's flowers."
"Yes, I know Sweetie. Aren't they pretty?"
"Yeah, Mommy planted these flowers."
"I know, did you help her?"
"No, she told me to go play."
"Aunt Misty?"
"Yes, Sweetie."
"Why don't you go get your own flowers to take pictures of? Then, you won't have to drive so far."

(c) Misty DawnS

Well, I'd love to sit around and talk with you about used cisco and other stuff, but I've got to get to work. It's a lousy day/week -mainly because I can't keep track of everything anymore. I completely forgot about a photo contest which I wanted to enter - but you need 11x14 prints, and the deadline is June 1st - I'm such an idiot. By the way, y'all know why my transmitter for my MP3 player isn't working? How bout where Hub's insurance card is? Remind me to order the dogs' flea/tick stuff, k?

Gotta run...


i beati

cute and lovely something is bothering you ..........


I loved the conversation with your niece. How adorable. Flowers are indeed beautiful. Have a great day sweetie. Big hug. :)

Mom Knows Everything

Don't know why your mp3 isn't working, check your purse for the insurance card and don't forget to order the flea/tick stuff for the dogs. I think I covered it all. Miss ya dork!

bundle-o-contradictions I want blues & whites with splashes of yellow here & there...but, I'm also just hoping for grass & a reduction in weeds. *sigh* I'm also in the place where things are slipping my mind. Bills, mostly, which is a really bad thing. Oh, yeah, homework, too. Here's hopin' we both get our brains in order! ((hugs))


Pretty flower and just you wait you'll have your own one day! :)


I have flowers like the purple ones on my front porch. I just put them there on Sunday...I love them!

Great post.


you'll have your garden - baby steps, baby steps

I can't get my player to work either, my insurance card is wherever I put all the important stuff I don't want to forget - I forget where that is

I put post-its on the side door or on the car dashboard - that way I have half a chance of remembering half my errands.

your niece is adorable.

The Gal Herself

Aw ... what a curious and verbal little girl. Could she get that from her Aunt Misty?


Your niece is precious!

Welcome to the land of Too Much on the Mind. Misery loves company, right? I have gotten so bad about remembering things. For instance, my daughter's birthday is sneaking up on me FAST. I have yet to prepare for it. Sigh. Calgon, take me away! Somewhere tropical, please.


I love that picture of the flowers. I mostly take pictures of other people's flowers, too.

Your niece is so precious, not wanting you to have to drive so far just to take pictures. Awwwww.


Ooooo...we're all going somewhere tropical due to memory loss?? Cool. When and I can forgot to show up!

Travis Cody

Your niece is quite logical, isn't she?

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