Monday, June 9, 2008

Birthday Bear!

Today is one of my very dearest friend's birthday!
Bear is a friend who has accepted my pleadings to share his photography knowledge with me.
He has put up with my countless nagging questions over and over again.
He has supported and encouraged me,
He has given up sleep to stay up talking to me when I was worried about a sick husband, a missing wolf, or any of my other excessive worries.
And, he has simply been there to be a friend for me.
Our friendship has become so much more than a 'friendship' -
It truly is a blessing.

So, Bear, lemme tell you what I would do for your birthday,
if the options were unlimited.

After your big surprise party (did everyone get their party invitations?)

I would make your birthday dinner, which would definitely include...

Meatloaf, deviled eggs, and extra sharp cheddar cheese cubes.

After dinner, I would have you open your gift...

Do you like it?

Then, we'd spend the entire next few days 'shooting' (armed with more cheddar cheese cubes and sandwiches-layered with Miracle Whip on both sides-for lunch)

Wouldn't that be the life (Wouldn't that be major bool, Bear?) ?

I may not be able to make that come true,
but I certainly hope your birthday
is as great as you are!



Happy Birthday, Bear!


There is no Being on this planet who would not flourish and rejoice at having You, my Dear Misty, as Friend.

How I do stand back in respectful admiration of the richness and depth of your loving and caring Spirit and character. You are one impressive Human Being!

Loving you is so easy!

Mom Knows Everything

Already wish him a happy birthday and sent him a virtual birthday hug. I hope he liked it. hehehe


Thanks, Tammy...and a big thanks Misty for the party! And ... OH!!! The gift! Wow! My dream baby. 8v)

The Gal Herself

Your friend must be soooo proud of the photos on this site! Your turtle is so cool and the closeups of your dog and cat are amazing. It must make him happy to know that you are listening to his wisdom and using it to enhance your natural talent.

Happy Birthday, Misty's Friend Bear!


Deviled EGGS??? YUM!!! Happy Birthday, Bear. :)

Mist, you share the caption contest prize. :)

Travis Cody


Happy Birthday Bear!


Happy Belated Birthday Bear!

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