Saturday, June 28, 2008

Camera-Critters #12

(c) Misty DawnS

I'm quite pleased with this photo. What I'm particularly pleased with is the composition - how the dragonfly decided to rest on a pretty flower, and how the flower is showing through this Blue Dasher Dragonfly's wing. I saw it land on the flower, so, I sat down on the ground and continue to inch closer to it. I would take a photo (so I could avoid the regrets of missing the shot if it happened to fly away), then I would scoot myself a little bit closer, take another photo and scoot closer. Eventually, I ended up with this shot. I bet you are all now picturing me sitting on the ground scooting on my butt through the weeds with a camera to my eye *giggle*

Yesterday, we took my step-son to the airport in Kansas City so he could fly back home. Then, we went to some stores, since there aren't stores around here. We went to a Best Buy and a Circuit City, and I drooled over held the 'dream camera' in my hands. I caressed it and said sweet nothings to it explored it's menus and functions and was even able to
take some photos with it and compare it to several other cameras. Now, I am confident it is the camera I want. I know I will have a learning curve if I ever do get a dslr, such as settings, depth of field, lighting, and composition. However the first step is making sure you get a camera which feels good in your hand - a camera you feel comfortable with... I've found that camera... now, I just need to figure out how to get it from 'living' at the store to being a permanent extension of my hand ;-) I'm still saving every extra cent I get (when it doesn't have to go to bills). I even passed on buying any birthday gifts for myself (Yes, it was my birthday on Thursday - I am now 33 years old), because I wanted to save money towards the camera. G, I sound a bit like I'm feeling sorry for myself, don't I? I don't like when I sound selfish or greedy, so I'm going to shut up now - enjoy the beautiful dragonfly.


Linda aka Crafty Gardener

Lovely dragonfly photo. I've added my Camera Critter photo at The Gardener Side ... a cheeky chipmunk trying to hide in the plants.

Juliana RW

gorgeous shot, misty

Please visit mine also in here Thanks



Mine in here. Thanks


The dragonfly shot is gorgeous! And, yes, I was picturing you scooting on your bottom!

Don't worry, one day, that camera will be yours. All yours!

I'm up too! Early bird I am today. :)


that's a gorgeous photo!


and happy birthday!! :)


Cool dragonfly. I saw some last evening that had to have been as big as a small bird. Wish I could have captured an image of them.


Wonderful dragonfly shot! Excellent strategy and such patience to get just the right shot! Well done ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Mom Knows Everything

That is such a beautiful picture!!! I love how it shows the details in the dragon fly and the one flower beside it. GORGEOUS!!!

Texas Travelers

Nice dragonfly photo.
Well done.

Come visit,


What an awesome closeup I love it. They are just sooo beautiful.

Trish ~ ♥ ~

great shot! lusting after a new camera? I know how that feels.

david mcmahon

That's such a beautiful shot, Mist. Yes, I am smiling.

Which DSLR were you looking at?

And what camera did you use for this shot - the depth of field is great. Do let me know ....


I love this photo, Misty! That flower in there is the perfect accent.

I wish someone was getting video of the crazy lady scooting on her bottom trying to get close to the dragonfly. :)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: Lovely dragonfly, One landed on me while fishing but I couldn't get to the camera without disturbing it.


It's so amazing... it's outstanding. Yay... good job, Misty!


Mist that is the most beautiful picture. It truly is an awesome shot. I saw some like this on Hilary's site which filled me with awe and your shot does the same for me.

I'm glad you are getting closer to that camera. Like David said - let us into the secrets for how you got this shot (apart from the scooting on your bum bits - yes I am giggling!) and also the camera you want to buy. I'd love to take a shot like that. It is so long since I have seen a dragonfly. There were loads where I grew up but none here where I live now. :(

Mine is up - dogs too!


Great shot. I love dragonflies.

Thanks for stopping by my place!


AWESOME capture, just perfect. I love the pink flower, it offers great contrast!


oh my .. such a gorgeous photo ... i have never managed to get a shot of a dragon fly .... so wish to ... and a beautiful delicate little flower :)

Michael Wong

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Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Beautiful photo! And Happy Belated Birthday! My CC is up, too! I think you'll like it! ;-)


I love this image Misty!
The colors are gorgeous.
Wonderful capture.


Beautiful shot of the dragon fly you have here. And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. :)

Corey~living and loving

I totally can see you scooting on your bottom in the grass, because I have done it myself.
well worth it for this capture. :)
happy CC!


Happy Birthday !
It is a great shot and I get the idea that you used a basic sort of camera so that makes it all the batter.
Hopr you get the dream DSLR - but do use your old on to photograph it and we can all drool.


I sure understand why you are feeling good about this photo... it is spectacular!! Sometimes the Universe just brings all things together for us like that. Well done!! And as for the 'new' camera.... just know it your heart that it's yours.... it soon will be.



I wish you a wonderful life full of love, joy, happiness, success, health and wealth!

Your photo of this week is perfect indeed... The subject, the composition, the colours, the technic ... All very well done.

Bravo my friend!


That is a perfect shot! Well worth the scooting along!
I wish someone had a video of you catching this beautiful photo.

Jane Hards Photography

Wonderful close up.


Ok I'll admit it... did your butt get scuff marks? LOL

Amazing shot! It's beautiful!


Great photo.

Come see the great catch of the day, for me and someone else.


Beautiful shot. I do the same thing when I'm trying to get the perfect shot of an insect or animal that doesn't seem to understand the importance of standing still for 20 minutes while I compose everything. Start from far away and keep inching closer. Usually they are so confused and befuddled by what I am doing they just freeze and stare at me.
May your camera dreams come true will give hope to the rest of us that some day we, too, will have our perfect camera in our hands.


Nice shot! And happy (belated Birthday, too!). And for learning the things you want to learn - I have an ongoing series, explaining things like that on my site. Check the tutorial Category!
Cheers, Klaus


Happy Birthday a little late!

This dragonfly shot is amazing! I do love seeing the pretty flower through the translucent wing, that's just amazing. You get the best dragonfly shots ever.

And, yes, I love the image of you butt scooching to get the photo.

I hope you can get your dream camera soon. I Know that feeling. It belongs with you, not in the store!!


That is a beautiful photo! Happy belated birthday! Mine was the 17th. :)

What camera are you dreaming of?


Its interesting to see so many winged insect critters this week ..

Nice shot .. as always ..



Beautiful shot. I'm with you just keep shooting as you inch closer so not to miss having any shot. Worth the effort!


That's a super shot Misty. I'm sure that camera will be yours, you are so determined.

i beati

I trust you had a great birthday - Your photo is wonderful. I hope you are shopping these to Nature Magazines etc. You've got the gift for sure girl !!


Truly one of my favorite insects... as well as a hard one to catch on "film". The flower is a lovely accent.


And you should be pleased. There's no end to what a good scoot might bring.

Heart of Rachel

It's an excellent shot. It's great to see such lovely dragonfly beside an equally pretty flower.


Happy Birthday, Misty! That's first, then you were looking at a DSLR. So have I. But aren't they heavy? You can't just throw the camera in your purse and have it with you all the time... like I do. I was thinking about a 10 mpxl Nikon coolpix with an 18x zoom. Not an SLR. What's your opinion?

BTW, the dragonfly is just balancing there! You take excellent shots with whatever camera you're using. May I ask what camera you are using? :)


Lovely dragonfly photo, Happy Birthday for last Thursday, I have a DSLR but find it too big to take everywhere with me, I mostly use a compact. What sort of camera are you looking at?


Beautiful photo! Belated happy birthday. I hope you get your dream camera. Check out prices at I got my camera through them - it was the lowest price I saw anywhere after extensive searching.


Misty -I loved all your pics on the "camera critters" this week -but especially the dragonfly one here. Great job, kid!

Kelly Ann

Happy late birthday dearie! You keep going with this photography thing, your gunna be a star! :D


Very nice photo.


What a great shot! And belated Happy Birthday to you! I'll hit 33 next year :o)


What an awesome shot and happy birthday! Hope you get your camera soon. :-)


Wow Misty... this is really lovely. :)


Oh I LOVE dragonflies, and what a great critters!


Definitely a nice odonata photo. I hope you see it again in the near future. 8v)


I love the pic, its fantastic. so pretty. well done you :)

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