Saturday, June 7, 2008

Camera-Critters #9

Yesterday was a long, hectic, and stressful day at work. So, my mind was wandering as I was driving down our road, almost home. Then, I saw something crossing the road up ahead, almost by our driveway. I thought, "Darnit Mokey - you worry me when you won't stay out of the road!" Then I thought - Whoa, something is wrong, because Mokey is walking really weird. My heart started beating faster as I worried that my kitty might have been hit or injured. (Yes, I still love her like crazy, even though she does have an attitude hehe). As I got closer, I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized it wasn't my pet after all. Then, I grabbed the cell phone, called the house, and told Hubs to come outside. Here's who was crossing the road...

(Corny Caption -Geesh, you can't even go lay your eggs in peace around here.)
(c) Misty DawnS

Then, I thought I'd go out for a walk today and see if I could get any shots I would want to use for Camera-Critters. That's when I found this big guy girl. There are snapping turtles EVERYWHERE! When I drive to and from work, I see them along the road. We think they must be going to lay the eggs.

(Corny Caption - My doc said walking is good for labor pains-I bit his nose off and told him to just 'walk off the pain')
(c) Misty DawnS

We all know a hundred reasons why the chicken crossed the road, but, I ask you -
Why did the Snapper cross the road?

I doubt they are 'running' to the store to get some Orovo detox. If I get many funny captions or "Why did the Snapper cross the road" answers, I'll do a post of all of them to reward my witty friends with some linky love.

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Great photos but I would worry about driving over them if they are everywhere... sheesh....
and yeh..everyone knows why the snapper crossed the road. Because he was attached to the chicken... =)
Rocky Mountain Retreat

Susan Demeter

Great shots of the snapper. We do not have them around these parts, but we do see regular turtles quite a bit sunning themselves at a nearby pond :)

My entry is posted here:

My Life In The Urban Zoo

Stop by if you have a moment, and have a great week ahead!

Texas Travelers

I heard, "It was the chicken's day off."

Great post.
I like the photos.
Work on the captions some more. :o)

Come visit CC,

Texas Travelers

In answer to your question. Most of my older ( and many of my newer insect photos are (were) made with a Nikon D100 with a 200mm Macro lens. Not as many mega-pixels as the D200, but the resolution is outstanding.

I currently use a Nikon D200 with a 18-200 Zoom VR lens. It is a good all around lens for wide angle, normal, telephoto, and Macro work.

I also have a D70 Nikon that I use for a lot of landscape photos.

Martha has 2 point and shoot cameras that she uses when she doesn't want to carry one of the heavier cameras, or when she is bird-watching. An older E5200 Nikon and the newer S51 Nikon.

And the answer to your unasked question is: Yes, the Canons are just as good. It's just that we have been using Nikon's for a long, long time (before Canon upped their quality).

I don't change lenses on any of my cameras because of the dust specks (spots) problems.

Thanks for the visit, and if you have any other questions let me know.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: How cute and dangerous, I saw a Snapper on Thursday next to a golf course. I never thought about laying their eggs.

Mom Knows Everything

Turtle turtle turtle!!! ME LOVE TURTLES!!!! I want him for my pond, he'll keep the kids away from it eh?


Love the labor pains caption! I think the Snapper crossed the road because she was in a hurry to pose for her Camera Critters photo. :)


Gosh, i'd be afraid of running over one of them! Haha!


Wow...he looks huge!


Wow! Soon you are going to have many baby turtles and then many more shots for camera critters. Heehee.


Snapping turtles everywhere? How cool! I don't see many turtles these days, but obviously I'm not looking in the right places.


I like these. I'm glad your cat wasn't hurt. You're such a worrier.

That labor pains caption is really good. I'm horrible at coming up with good captions.


great close up turtle :D


love ur pics


I love your entertaining captions!


Love the pictures. And just how fast does a snapper run? Fast enough to get to the other side of the road and not get squished I suppose.


LOL at Michele's road-crossing comment!
I'm glad I'm not a turtle.


Super captures Misty, im up now with a trip to Beamish.


Love the corny caption about the doc!

Snapper turtles - how are they different to turtle turtles? They're snappy?

Perhaps he crossed the road because he wanted to make it snappy....

Mine's up.
And I'm jealous of imac. Beamish indeed. Lucky so and so.


Because they can?



Why did the snapping turtle cross the road? It was to get to the shell station of course!


wow. neat old guy.


I love turtles. They are so unique and interesting. Great shots :)


Misty, the Snapper crossed the road because he was so bored staying on that other side of the road...
My Camera Critters is up! :D


Great pictures! I love turtles, but wouldn't get close to snappers!


What a cutie!

Kelly Ann

WOW! that thing is so huge, I've only seen them small, didn't know they got that big!!


Great pictures!


Why did the snapper cross the road? To get away from the guy with the soup bowl. Corney I know but I couldn't help it. MY dog was running throght the yard last year with one of those in his mouth. He is so lucky it didn't bite him.

Trish ~ ♥ ~

Sorry to say many species of turtles find themselves having to cross the roadways to lay their eggs. At my college we have classes where student install fencing to try and prevent them from crossing. They also go out and rescue any that were not lucky enough to get across. We "harvest" the eggs, incubate and hatch the eggs to later release the young.

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

We used to have turtles (not snapping ones) in our backyard. My Molly was endlessly fascinated.


why oh why?! uhmmmm i don't have a great sense of humor and i'm bad in punch lines so i better try next time *.^ boinks!

STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN... peeepppeeppppp small jeep....
a snapper crosses the road coz the light turned green? go? uhmmmm... perhaps another critter on the go! :)

Happy CC Misty! :)


It's always such a thrill to see a turtle crossing the road!


Turtles are cool! :) get to the other side? ;)


Did he cross the road looking for some chickens???

Heart of Rachel

Glad the fella didn't have a hard time crossing the road. I've never seen a wild snapping turtle before.

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