Wednesday, June 4, 2008

For Jersey - The Furry Diva - On Her Birthday

Today is our BFDBB's (Best Furry Diva Blogging Buddy) Birthday!
She's the coolest, so we just HAD to do something to let her know how much we luvs her! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Molly says that EVERY Furry Diva needs a Furry Princess-Diva Hat to wear on her special day. So, she got you this...
Oh Jersey - it looks absolutely BE-A-U-TIFUL on you!

Maggie says that EVERY puppy (You're still a puppy at heart Jersey - you're only as old as you feel) needs LOTS-O-YUMMIES to chew on when it's your birthday, so she got you this basket full of beef knuckles! (Shhhh, if the neighbors ask where their cows got to, just say you don't know me *hehe*)

AND, Molly and Maggie got together and spent the whole day making you this furry... I mean VERY special cake!We hope your birthday is the greatest day EVER, Jersey!!!
Sending you lots of licks and tail wags and tail chases!
All our love,
Molly & Maggie
(and Tag too - even if he is a big funsucker)


Mom Knows Everything

After Molly, Maggie and Tag, Jersey is the coolest dog I know.


Thank you so so SO SO very much - this is so cool!

Sending countless "Thank You"- *nose-licks* over to all of you. In fact you´ll never have to wash your face again ;)

Ooooh, that cake, the beef and the hat - I ♥ it.

Woofing of beef... THAT special cow isn´t missing, is it??? Hopefully not - you know why I´m asking *g*

Love ya all more tahn woofs can say!!!

i beati

I'm going to become a dog with gifts like thoses woofeeee !!

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