Monday, June 23, 2008

Heads or Tails *Line*

Heads or Tails has its very own home now! If you click on the graphic above, it will take you to the awesome new HoT blog where you can sign up and start participating in this fun and popular meme!

This week's theme is "Line".

Some of you may know this, but some of you may not (hehe). The hostess of Heads or Tails, Barb aka Skittles, is one of my closest friends. We were friends before she started HoT, so I was there to watch, admire, appreciate, and respect all the hard work and effort she put into this meme to make it such a success. She inspired me to come up with Camera-Critters - the weekend meme I host. When I told her my idea, she did nothing but encourage me and offer any help or advice she had to offer.

So... to get to the point of this whole post (hehe - I tend to ramble, don't I?!?!)...
This week was #11 for Camera-Critters, and we had 95 (YES that is NINETY-FIVE) Camera-Critters participants! (I'm still working on visiting everyone's posts - please be patient with me) I am honored and touched beyond words. Yes, y'all have made me speechless, which is quite an accomplishment ;-)

So... (Oh yeah, what way my point again??? Oh yeah - Line... line). The whole point of this post (hey, there's a point at the end of a line right? Isn't there? OK nevermind)... What I wanted to do with this post was ____________________ (see that line? hehe)

I wanted to drop a few LINES to ALL of the Camera-Critters participants, Barb - my special friend who encouraged me and inspired me, Tammy and Sanni - who both also encouraged me and provided much appreciated assistance, to say "Thank You!" Y'all have really made CC special, and I am grateful beyond words.



What a sweet post and a great way to interpret the theme of "LINE."

Hootin' Anni

Awwwwwwwwww, this was such a sweet, endearing post. I'm glad you dropped us a line even tho I personally don't participate....maybe I should I HAVE TWO critters [three if you include hubby] in my house.

And LOVE the animation too.

Mine's shared.


Awwwww.. you are so sweet. :) And I am thrilled that CC has taken off like it has. (Told ya so.. lol)


I...have been such a bad friend. I feel like I haven't talked to you in ages. Life has gotten away from me and it feels irritating.

Forgive me??

Mom Knows Everything

U SO ROCK!!!!! Love ya and your line!

LA Nickers

Camera Critters . . . Sounds fun. (I'm always clicking pics of our horses for THE MANE POINT, my horsey blog.)

MANATEE OF VANITY, at Nickers and Ink


PS: Don't forget to play at SIMPLY SNICKERS this week . . . posting new poetry prompts every Sunday.


first time here.. a very sweet post!!!

Fun Day

i beati

small honorarium for you June 25 sandy


How nice of you to ‘advertise’ for your friend Skittles … and to draw the LINE (so literally). I love the doggie with the wagging tail. I need to learn how to ‘animate’ things like this myself.
Hugs and blessings,

Teena in Toronto

Tammy sent me over to wish you a happy birthday!


Hi Misty, I heard from Tammy also that today is ur birthday :P Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyy....

Heart of Rachel

I found out from Tammy that today's your special day. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! May you always have the best of health. God bless.


Hi Misty,

Just dropping by to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Have a wonderful day and make it a good one :o)
Colin from Life & Free PC Security


Happy Birthday, Misty! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Le Butterfly

Belated Birthday Wishes

Droping a line to say I did play - and even though I will not have a computer next week I put on a scheduled post for next week.

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