Thursday, June 5, 2008

Let Me Sleep!

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See that cute kitty in the picture? Yeah, well, she isn't so darn cute in my eyes right now. You see - she had a litter of kittens about a week and a half, or so, ago. Before you ask me where the kitten photos are, I haven't found where she has them hidden yet... give me time, People! ;-)

Mokey has always had a bit of an attitude problem. OK, I'm understating that - she has a MAJOR attitude problem. Add to that the fact that Mokey has some Siamese in her (more attitude). AND, to add even more to it - for the past couple days, Mokey has been in heat. So, she has decided to stand under my bedroom window ALL night long for the past two nights and YOOOOWWWLLLL... over and over... and over again. This translates to Misty getting NO sleep, because her cat is outside the bedroom window whining and carrying on about 'needing some male interaction'.

I don't know what her problem is. She has never had a problem... umm.... finding 'friends' any other time. Heck, she made friends here in the new state before we did! I feel like setting her up a cat condo out in one of the buildings (way far away from my bedroom window). Then, maybe I'll get some sleep! ;-)



Perhaps you could send Mokey out my way for a little while so that she could take care of the very loud bird that was chirping loud enough to wake the dead at 5:30 this morning and driving me completely and totally nuts!

From the sounds of the TWEET, TWEET, TWEET! that had to be one extremely large bird!

Mom Knows Everything

Bad Mokey!!! Misty needs her sleep so she can stay up talking to me all weekend!


I'm not a cat specialist, but does neuter/spaying ever helps to end this "singing"?
We have some strayes running around from time to time, too. And the singing IS very annoying.
Take a catnap this afternoon :o)


Wow, I didn't realize a Mama Cat could go into heat so soon after having kittens.

I hope she gets what she needs soon so you can get some sleep!


Um...may I ask why she isn't spayed??? I'm no specialist either but I am 99% sure that this will eliminate the problem...not to mention eliminate any possibility of more kitties.

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

I can tell by her expression that she does indeed have one serious attitude!


I'm feelin' Mokey's pain...if ya get what I mean. ;)
Follow the kitty, Misty! Find the babies!!!!! :)


Took one look at that cat and knew there was Siamese in there somewhere and then read your post. I love Siamese cats and had two named Simon and Garfunkel, but howling all night I couldn't stand.


A cat with an ATTITUDE - just what you need!

david mcmahon

Do the Hokey, Mokey.

(Mist, I really hope you're catching up on some sleep right now.)


Cute Kittycat eh.

Come travel back in time with me.


Pretty colorations on Mokey

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