Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pet Talk

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I have a confession to make. Brace yourself for this, because it's a shocking admission...
I am addicted to animals. I know, you never would have guessed it about me, because I hide it so well. Yeah right.

You know how people carry photos of their kids or grandkids with them and whip those photos out at a moment's notice and proceed to talk on and on about their pride and joys? I do that too. Except, I do it about my pets. Most people get quite tired of hearing about Tag, Molly, Maggie, or Mokey. Does that stop me? Of course it doesn't!

Now, however, I have found a social networking site which was created for pet lovers! Not only can you join this site, add all of your pets and their photos and stories to your profile, and talk endlessly about pets to people who are there because they WANT to hear all about your pets - you can learn about pets and how to help them, read about pets in the news, and even find food and supplies. I applaud Zootoo for creating this pet social network, because its main focus is on helping pets. Since ALL of my pets are rescues and one of my dreams is to run an animal rescue, I take notice when someone else is doing something for the love of animals.

So, if you want to 'talk pets' to people who really want to listen, Zootoo is the place to be!


Mom Knows Everything

Wait a minute...are you telling me you like animals???? No seriously, you like animals??? No way!!! You're joking! Don't believe it for a minute. Alright enough me being a smart alec.

i beati

"Because he can"


Animals ROCK! My dogs cheer me up no matter how sad I am.


yes i agree---zootoo rocks

Lilli & Nevada

I agree with you on the photos of pets rather than kids or grandkids, altho don't tell my kids that or the grandkids. LOL


That is such a beautiful photo! The look of love is too obvious.

Sorry I've missed to many Sunday postings. I'm not doing real well and the surgery doesn't seem to have helped. Hope to get back to normal soon.



People at work get very tired of me talking about my dogs everytime they bring up their kids. LOL At least they know that I know that dogs and kids aren't the same. But they are MY kids!

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