Saturday, July 26, 2008

Camera-Critters #16


Once there was a cute, fuzzy, lil', yeller capalillar, who realized he was very bored.
So, he decided to go out and play.

First, he decided to do chin-up exercises so he wouldn't stretch a muscle while at play.
A one... and a two... and a one... and a two.
(c) Misty DawnS

All those chin-ups make for a hungry fuzzy, lil', yeller capalillar.
So, he decided to have a little snack.
Not to be called "lazy", he decided to continue his stretching exercises while snacking.
Mmmm Mmmmm Good!
(c) Misty DawnS

But, the fuzzy, lil', yeller capalillar was lonely.
A day at play is ALWAYS better when shared with a friend.
"Hey Buddy! Wanna play Follow the Leader?"
"Follow ME!!!"
(c) Misty DawnS

Nuthin makes for a better day than spending it with a friend.

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Misty this is the cutest post!
Great photos and I loved the play by play!


wow, those photos are amazing!


Misty!!!! I love this! The pictures are fantastic.


Oh this is delightful!


So cute! Love the story.

david mcmahon

Mist - what a wonderful series of shots. You have captured a caterpillar with personality.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: Very cool, You followed the movements for a while, nicely done.

Read the bottom of mine.


These are so good! See all that hair in that caterpillar? That is going to itch for sure!

My critter is posted HERE. Please stop by if you have some time. Happy weekends!


Never thought about a caterpillar as being cute, but darn! this one is.
Really great pictures.


Again I will state what a genius you are with a camera look at those colors and poses.. sk


Look at that flexible, furry little guy! I love these photos! Very awesome find. He's so cute.

me ann my camera

So neat and amusing... I love the last photo where a beetle has joined the caterpillar. Lovely!


Great photos and what a cute commentary. Always a pleasure to visit you.
p.s. thanks for sharing about depression--I left a message & hug.


Sure is a pretty fuzzy lil yeller capalillar.Thanks for the story to

Jane Hards Photography

Delightful critter. He so fuzzy and cute. Great shots and words again.


I enjoyed your photos of the fuzzy yellow caterpillar and the story with it! Great post for Camera Critters this week as always ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


You outdid yourself on this one. They are extremely sharp with vivid colors and you have a good story to accompany the photos.

Heart of Rachel

Your fuzzy caterpillar is an interesting character. I enjoyed the story.

Mine is up at my
other blog.


Golden Caterpillar in action! Could you observe it to see the beautiful butterfly it would turn in to.

Thanks for hosting this. :)


A wonderful little story :)


Wow...a caterpillar and a shield bug in the same photo. Very cool. 8v)


Very nice shots of the caterpillar. I love the commentary as well. I just finished reading some of your other posts and I completely understand the organization problem with the photos. I hate to delete any images. Definitely an OCD thing. I need to either buy a DVD burner or an external hard drive one before I run out of room on my laptop. Oh and the depression thing, I don't think you could have done a better job explaining it than that. I know I am battling mild depression and I think some of it is post-partum.


great macro shots, misty :D


Lovely shots. Is the bug explaining about Life, The Universe and Everything, do you suppose.


This is such a lovely series of photos, and the commentary is perfect. All so creative.


Misty, these are great selection of photos.

Mine is up now.

I know just what you mean about Depression, Ive experienced it in the family.


What a neat peek into the real world of caterpillars and that other bitty critter!


Looks like he's doing some stunts for you.


He's fuzzy! LOL Great shot... you captured it perfect! :)


Great shots and commentary... that last one is so cute - he and his friend.. lol Isn't that a stink bug? The caterpillar is very nice to play with a guy that I'm sure a lot of insects avoid... ;D

Have a great day!
Stop by Prairie Visions if you get time! :)


What great shots!!!


Cute story and photos!


This post is beautiful! Amazing photos :)

Mom Knows Everything

That is so cute!!!

Sandy Kessler

awards for you today at my place I also had some for your befroee thr fire June 25-29 sk


That last line is class, and so true.

What fantastic shots these are, and I love the story you tell with them.
Great post.

Snooty Primadona

Misty, your words and pictures are always so beautiful Some day you really must tell me what camera you use!

Kahshe Cottager

Love the pictures and your story to go along with them!

Congrats on being one of David's post of the Day - twice over!!!


Awwww... what a great series of photos and I love the story that goes with them. The lil' yeller capalillar is actually kind of cute (in a fuzzy sort of way). I love this post!

Les Becker

Really nice shots of that caterpillar! Now, I want to take a Walk-About with the camera and go bug-hunting.

Here from David's.


cute catterpillar! I love its color. :-)

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Ooo, he's CUTE! But he looks like he should be smoking something, like the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland...

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