Monday, July 14, 2008

Just Call Me MSG

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Hubs and I went to play pool on Saturday night. We always enjoy spending time together like that. However, things are different now, and Hubs gets a kick out of it...

We were shooting pool, minding our own business as usual, and I approached the bar to get a beverage. That's when it happened...

Some guy turns around as I'm approaching and yells, "HEY! It's the Mower Shop Girl! The Mower Shop Girl is here!"

It seems that everyone knows me now. Let's face it - around here - mowers, tractors, and hay equipment are of huge importance. I mean, I think they probably capitalize Hay Season and Mowing Season around these here parts.

So, another gentleman turns around and exclaims, "HEY, you're right! It IS The Mower Shop Girl!" As I was trying to find the nearest table to hide under attempting to order my beverage, I overheard him say to the other guy, "Yeah, she likes my dog."

Of course the word 'dog' caught ALL of my attention, and then it dawned on me... "HEY, you're the guy with the Border Collie who comes in and sits with me at my desk!" (ummmm the dog people, NOT the guy!)

This caused an uproar of laughter from many of the patrons standing around, as they razzed this gentleman... "Oh suuuuuure. She doesn't have a clue who YOU are, but she recognizes your dog!" (followed by more laughter and pointing)

I tried to make the guy feel better by telling him not to take it personally - it's just how I am - but, I don't think it helped much.

So, Hubs came to the rescue (if you can call it that) and started telling these guys how he thinks that, since I'm "The Mower Shop Girl" now, I should wear certain outfits at work. No, he wasn't talking about renaissance costumes; He was telling these guys that I should probably wear outfits like Heidi wore on the show Home Improvement.

The guys standing around the bar quickly and whole-heartedly agreed with Hubs, and the fact that I recognize furry-four-legged-farm-dogs rather than the farmer himself was forgotten.

Thanks Hubs...
I think.



Another great butterfly shot and by the way, just what is it you DO at the Mower Shop anyway? Sounds like the kind of job I would have enjoyed oh, maybe about 25-30 years ago.


LOL, you know, Mist, this could have come right out of a Roseanne episode, I believe. Only you're wayy beautiful--just the small town happenings. I miss small towns, I want one. xoxo


Hee! Yeah, I don't think hubs did you any favors. ;) I agree with Stacey, it's like a Roseanne episode. Great story. :)

Love the butterfly photo!


That's some nickname!

Mom Knows Everything

What a sweet hubby! LOL! Tell Jim he made me laugh. ;o)


That sure is a purty picture you got there, Miss Misty!


Aren't hubbies just great like that?
All heart! (We think).

That is a great shot of a butterfly. Well done! With the new toy?


Hi Misty, great tale or should I say Tail haha.
Great post and story.


Hm, well I'm sure your new found "celebrity" might come in handy someday.

Gemma Wiseman

Laughed at this one! And it really happened! Hubby was real good stepping in and taking your side. He could have joined the guys!


I enjoyed visiting your blog. You seem like a sweet person. Your animals are fortunate to have a nice home.


Many thanks for taking the time to do this blog. I spend alot of time wandering around the net just passing the time by reading what people are thinking. Its suprising how much you can actually learn by simply reading.

paul @ 80s costumes

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