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Must Be Organized

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I've been having a blast with the DSLR. The only problem is I have a habit of taking a LOT of photos and figuring I'll pick the best one later and delete the rest. However, when it comes time to do that, I don't delete them. I've always been like that. I still have about fifty floppy disks (probably half bad by now) full of photos from when I had my first digital camera my aunt gave me.

So, since I can't afford an external hard drive right now (all the big bills came due at one time - why does that always happen?), and I seriously need to get these large files off my laptop, I'm going to burn the photos to DVD. Here's my problem - I'm a bit OCD when it comes to this sort of thing. So - should I organize the DVDs by subject (sunsets, dogs, insects, flowers, landscapes, etc.) or by date taken? Oh, decisions, decisions!!! I don't do well with decisions! How 'bout you guys decide for me... that will make it much easier on me ;-) Besides, I've already got a headache I woke up with at 3 a.m. and I'm trying to avoid a migraine (hoping and praying against a migraine).



Do it by subject or you will never find anything when you go searching. Just saying. Have a great day. Big hug. :)


There are two ways to do it in your case. By subject, then by date within the subject. Or by date, then by subject within the date.

Personally, I have my photos filed by date. I originally was doing it by subject within the original folder from the camera. But I found that a bit cumbersome.

A long time ago I had all my photos arranged by subject only. That worked, but I also lost continuity with the images. What I mean by that is, if I put all my sunsets in one folder and my mountain shots in another, I lost references to where each image was photographed. That is important to me.

Hence I arrange by date now. I have a card reader downloading program which is set up to download directly to a folder based on the date the image was taken. Now, when looking for an image, I go to the date folder and look there. At the same time however, I make a "proof sheet" image file of the date folder. That image file goes into a Proof folder titled with the date. I open the file I think the image is on, look for it, then go to that image. Someday when it's too cold to do anything outside, I plan to build a database of my proofs so I can search that database for certain images.

But the bottom line for me is, I need to see my images in context with each other, rather than in groups of subjects.

You need to figure out what is important to you when you go searching for images, then file them that way. I guess I could have said this way up toward the top and not ended up with up a novella here, but what the people more time to find typos. 8v)

By the way...after more than four years of digital DSLR photography, I have a little more than 31,000 images. The only ones I have ever deleted were those which were so out of focus they sucked, or were so dark I couldn't resurrect anything from the images. And I'm glad I never tossed some of the images as I have gone back over some of the ones I would have deleted and found something in them I liked. 'nuff said...getting carpel tunnel here.......


You've gotta do it by subject for most of your still-lifes. I mean, you're going to be looking for that photo of horses or that one of a sunset or whatever...

For dogs and people, dates are a possibility. You might want that one when Maggie May was just a puppy. Or whatever.

If it were me, I'd organize by subject first, then by date. Good luck, Misty!


Then again, I like what ashrunner said. That proof sheet is a GREAT idea!

Mom Knows Everything

By subject....yeah that's what your BBFF thinks and since Mom Knows Everything.....LOL

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

I personally like mine organized by date, but that's just COULD do both, you know. Like have a picture of a gorgeous sunset in your July 2008 folder, and also a copy of it in your Sunsets folder. If you want extra work. ;-)


I recently started doing it by month and year. That's only my post editing filing system. They come off the camera and go into folders by date. I decided that it would be easier for me to find what I was looking for by the date (month and year). So far it's working out well. If I need to separate them even more I do it with in the month and year folder.


I feel ya, I really really feel ya.

This is what I do. And it pains my hubby cuz it takes up a lot of hard drive space. I organize by date/topic. For instance, I have a folder labeled Lamb 8th grade 2007/2008 and Bear 4th grade 2007/2008. Vacation NYC 2008, etc. Now, if both kids appear in the photo, that photo appears in both of their folders. I also have a misc. folder where I put, well, misc. photos. That way, I can find things easily. Then, inside my folders, I have them organized by date. And that's how they are burned on my emergency dvd.

I am very, very anal.


P.S. It pains me to delete photos so I never do either. I take tons with the intention of only keeping the best, yet, it never happens.


I am exactly the same. I have to have order on my photos. At the moment, they are in date order because that is how they download and it is quicker to organise them that way. I have a folder for each month. BUT, the problem is, it can take ages to find the shot I want. I have to remember when I took it.

The other problem is, I have so many photos, to organise them into categories will take literally days. And what categories? Some are obvious, but there are others not so obvious. Some under "family" might make good odd shots, or sky shots, or have other stuff etc.

Oh the agony of it. I so understand!

Stick with date. It's easier. And quicker.

i beati

no wonder you love walking the gorgeous things you see!!

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