Friday, July 18, 2008

My Girl Mo

Meet my best friend - my apologies to ALL of my human friends, but I'm being honest here ;-)
Meet my heart...
Meet my soul...
Meet my girl 'Mo'...

(c) Misty DawnS

Molly came into our lives after I had rescued Tag, brought him home, and after a few days of working on the farm with 'Dad', he decided he would be Daddy's dog through and through. I'm not exaggerating - Tag cares about no one and nothing (except maybe the skid loader) other than 'Dad'. So, I pouted... I whined... I stomped up and down and threw a childish temper tantrum insisted that I deserved to have a dog who loved me. Finally Hubs got sick of listening to me felt sorry for me and gave in, and Molly came into our life. Molly and I were immediately, from the very first minute, a perfect match. She is truly Mommy's Girl. She sleeps by my bed; she follows me everywhere; she talks to me - many times she has appropriately verbally told me "Nooo!", "I know", and "Oh Noooo!" and she also will say "Mom".

Mo-Co (That's short for Molly-Collie, and, yes, she has many nicknames and answers to them all), doesn't care about livestock, tractors, or farming like Tag. She just cares about pleasing 'Mommy', which is why she posed for this pic.

(c) Misty DawnS

She desires to be with me and love me every waking minute. She knows she is not allowed to walk in the road, so she pouts when I go for a photo-walk. I swear if I had a Bob stroller, she'd jump in it and ride just so she could be with me.

Please, understand - I love, with ALL of my heart, ALL THREE of my dogs. I love Tag, even though he truly does prefer Daddy. I love Maggie May aka Puppy aka Doodles, because well, let's face it - who the heck could resist falling in love with that puppy up there in the header photo... she's a doll, and there is really NO way to resist falling in love with her. But...

My Molly...
My Mo...
My Molly-Collie...
My Mo-Co...
My Mo-Mo...
My "Sweet Girl", "Mommy's Girl", "Mommy's Shadow", whatever you want to call her...

(c) Misty DawnS

... She owns my heart.



She's beautiful - worth that whole tantrum thing, I'm sure.


Ya'll are so blessed to have each other. :)


What a fine looking dog Mo-Co is! I bet my three would love to romp with both of yours near that tractor!


And you know she is beautiful Mist. We all love ALL our pets, but there is always that special one. That one who just connects. And Molly is yours.

I love her too for loving you...


Big Smile that you just slabbed on my face! Cheers, Klaus

i beati

extra special post isn't it great to be loved that much ??

Mom Knows Everything

Awwww....just adorable! Aurora so wants to come play with her!


this is how we feel about blackie.. yes we love bob , too, but blackie... if you met blackie in person, you woudlnt' believe how cute he us!


Gotta love those mama-puppies!


There's nothing like your special soul mate. Funny how often that special one is a dog, but then again maybe not. A dog will never betray you or deliberately hurt you.

She is beautiful!


I so understand. When a precious bog is all yours then it's magic. Just enjoy. Have a great evening. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)


And she is very beautiful Misty :) Give her a big hug from a "virtual" friend!

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