Monday, July 7, 2008

The Weekend, Weather, & Wonderings

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Well, I got the package...
Then, on Friday, we had an all-day cookout/get together to go to, so I didn't get to 'experiment' with the contents of the package. The cookout was fun though, although I hurt my wrist playing volleyball... it's OK though - I can type, and I can hold a camera, that's all that matters.
Then, Saturday, we had another cookout/get together to go to. So, my time with the contents of the package was limited, but I managed to get out with it, just enough to tease myself ;-)

Yesterday, it threatened rain all day, but, unbelievably, we avoided the rain! So, I did spend quite a bit of time outside, and Hubs was able to bale the hay he mowed on Saturday. WooHoo

Today, however, we are supposed to be up to 93 degrees - it is humid as heck - and there are thunderstorms in the forecast. I'll just have to see what it is like after I get home from work.

Until then - have you figured out what was in that package yet? ;-)
(c) Misty DawnS



Great close up shot! Is it a new macro lens for your camera?
Hugs and blessings,


A new camera? Glad you had a great weekend sweetie. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

The Gal Herself

How do the dogs, with those luxurious fur coats, react to the heat and humidity? Do they tire more easily, or are they very adaptable?

Congrats on the surprise in the box!


Go on, I give in, what was in the package?

Mom Knows Everything

I know what was in the package!!! I know, I know, I know!!! Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!! hehehe


That is a really good shot! What did you use to take it? Could it be that special camera we're heard about???

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