Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wait... Who Am I Again?

I has been one heck of a long, hot, tiring, and humid day! What's that you say? It ain't over yet... geesh, thanks for reminding me!

We have no air conditioning at work. That would be OK, except for the fact that we have NO fan or anything to provide air circulation at work, and I'm stuck at this desk in this corner, where the sun beats through the window and all the heavy humid air piles up there in that corner and tries to suffocate me. Not only that... but that humid air really messes with my brain too (maybe the fact that I was yelled at three times today by some not-so-very-small-town-country-farming-like people... cuz, small-town-country-farming people aren't mean to other folk, unless it's hay season and they are totally freaked out about whether they are gonna get their hay up before it rains or not and then their baler breaks down and then... what do they do? They call the repair place and yell at the secretary... makes perfect sense, doesn't it?).

So, I left work late, went to the tire shop to have my tire with a slow leak repaired, stopped at the grocery store, got home, and as soon as I walked in the door with my arms full of grocery bags, books, and, of course, my camera, the phone was ringing. So, I answered it...

"Mower Shop. No... wait... it's not... Ummmm Hello?"

Then, I grabbed my work for the Ohio boss off the fax machine, typed it up, proof-read it, and attached it to an e-mail to send to him. I was just ready to hit send when I stopped with my finger hovering over the mouse button... "Something just isn't right here" I thought to myself. I'm rather embarrassed to admit that it took me about a whole five minutes of sitting there staring at the e-mail before I realized that what wasn't right was the fact that I was getting ready to send my completed legal work for my Ohio lawyer boss to my BBFF Tammy!!! Yeah - it has been a long day.

So, in the mailbox today, I was greeted by a very large envelope from my aunt. When I opened it, it was stuffed full of photos of little ol' me growing up. (I had asked her for some pics about a month ago, because Tammy had tagged me for a 'Through the Years' meme). My gosh she sent me a TON of pics! All the pics of me growing up that she could find, I think. PLUS... and this is a HUGE BONUS - she sent me pics of my daddy as the adorable little boy that he was!

Now that I have quickly took a stroll down memory lane, I'm not so sure that I need to bore everyone to tears with pics of Baby Misty, Toddler Misty, Young Child Misty, Adolescent Misty, and Young Woman Misty... nah, I'm thinking we don't really need to go there.

I am including one pic though... just so you can see proof... it started at a young age... and NO, I am not referring to my lack of fashion-sense!


Mom Knows Everything

That is so cute!!!! You definitely have to post more pictures of you when you were little. MAN YOU WERE BLOND!!!


Wow, what a day you've had. I don't envy you. You were certainly a little cutie pie, and yes I can see the camera. I think you were born with a camera in your hand. Just saying. Have a great evening and get some rest. Big hug. :)


What a wonderful gift! Sadly, there aren't that many pics of me growing up. My mom's 2nd husband decided it'd be fun to steal them when my mom kicked him out. Cherish those pics, but I know I don't have to tell you that!


That is a picture of one delighted young lady... :0)

i beati

I think all reminiscent photos are so cute

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