Wednesday, July 2, 2008

WW Flower Edition

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I've decided that Wordless Wednesday would be a great way for me to share some of my Summer flower photos with you. You see, I share my critters with you over the weekend, and sunsets are on Friday when I make myself find the time to post. So, I thought Wednesday would be great for flowers. However, I'm never wordless... so, consider my "WW" to stand for "Wordy Wednesday", K?

First, I have very exciting news. I'll be getting a package tomorrow, if the package tracking system is correct. It's a very special package. I'll leave you to guess what is in that package. No, it isn't horse supplies (we don't even have a horse yet, Silly), but it is something I am VERY excited about. OK, I'll leave you to think about that.

Now, Please, Please, PLEASE send prayers out to my very dear friend Jen/Gi and her very special brother Hulkman. Hulkman is in the hospital, and I've seen and experienced the amazing power of prayer so many times in my life - so, I am now asking you to please take a moment and think of Hulkman, Jen/Gi, and the entire family. If you have time, and would like to let her know you are thinking of her, then, I'd be thrilled beyond words if you would pop in on her blog and give her a few words of encouragement and support.

Thanks everyone!
I've gotta run drive to work now.



Oh Misty...thanks so much! I love ya girl...and your support means the world.


This is a lovely floral choice. I hope your package arrives and that it brings you as much pleasure as MY package did on Monday.
Hugs and blessings,

Mom Knows Everything

That is a gorgeous lily. I have the exact same one in my flower bed if you wanna come take a picture of it. always trying to get you to come to Canada eh!


You are amazing, you know this, right? I love you so.

AND I cannot wait to see what you come up with when your 'package' arrives, it's gonna knock my socks off! xoxoxo


WOW - Just WOW what a beautiful flower! Great shot, kid!


Beautiful shot. I'm glad you do wordy - makes me feel in good company! ;0)

It's the camera isn't it....

Prayers on their way...


That's just beautiful Misty and of course I will send Reiki to your friend in hospital.x

Bradley's Mom

Beautiful photo!!

I am DYING to know what's in the package!!!!

Happy 4th of July!!



Wow, that picture is gorgeous. I love the color.

I can.not.wait to hear about your package. I'm thinking I'm going to be very excited for you!

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