Saturday, August 9, 2008

Camera-Critters #18

So, there was this husband, who always claimed his wife was overly-critter crazy.
"Yep, she can't resist any critters. She's a big softy." He would say.
Yet, throughout their seven years of marriage (as of this month),
the wife discovered that said husband was just as much a critter-crazy fool as she.
So, when said husband come home with some speckled eggs one day,
what was the wife to say?

"I couldn't leave them out there in the middle of the field." He explained.
The mother had left them, she wasn't coming back, and Mr. Undercover-Softy
felt responsible.

So, in a box the eggs were placed.
Wife and Hubs both doubted anything would happen,
but they had to try.

So, wife came home after a long day at work and walked into the kitchen.
As she was standing there, she heard some chirping.
She thought... could it be? No, I'm crazy. I must have heard a bird outside.
But, she decided to peer over the side of the box anyway...

(c) Misty DawnS

WAIT!!! The chirping IS coming from the box!
More specifically, it's coming from an egg with a hole punched in it!
(c) Misty DawnS

So, she quickly ran to her computer and announced in instant messages to
two of her best buds (*waving* Hi Tam! Hi Bear!) that one of the eggs was hatching.
"Take pictures!" Was Tam's reply, while at the same time,
the message box from Bear was blinking, with the message
"Take pictures!" typed in it.
Wife stood tippy-toed on a pile of miscellaneous things
she found throughout the house and had piled up to allow her to get a
'birds-eye view' (pardon the pun)... and...
she took pictures!

Yup! Definitely something punching holes in that there egg!
(c) Misty DawnS

WHOA baby! There's a baby comin' outta that egg!
Feathers... we have feathers.
(c) Misty DawnS

"Ummm, 'scuse me lady, but I'm trying to be born here."
"Are you my Momma?"
(c) Misty DawnS

"Dang it was cramped in there!"
"I'm breaking outta this joint!"
(c) Misty DawnS

"Whadda ya mean I gots big feet???"
(c) Misty DawnS

"Hellooooooo? Anybody in there?"
(c) Misty DawnS

"YUP! I knew it! There WAS someone in there!"
"Hi! I'm Ling. I was born yesterday. You come here often?"
(c) Misty DawnS

"Dang Ting! I mighta been born yesterday, but you think this woman knows
what temperature this should be at?"
(c) Misty DawnS

"Ummmm LINGGGGG! LING!!! Could you PLEASE get offa me?!?!"
"Geesh, you've been picking on me ever since I came outta that egg!"
(c) Misty DawnS

So, that's the story of Ling and Ting.
Do you know what they are?
DUH, YES, I already knew they were birds! *smacking forehead*

I ask you...
which came first...

TURKEY or the egg?

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david mcmahon

Hats off to you, Mist. What a lovely sequence and I love the narration.

Big salute to the Undercover Softy and a big salute to you for taking the shots.

Pat - Arkansas

Great photos! It's been a great long while since I've seen birds hatch. Nicely done! Kudos to your hubby for the rescue.

Now, what are you going to do with the chicks?

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: Wonderful post today, are you telling us they are baby turkeys? I certainly wouldn't know. If they are turkeys are they wild or tamed?
BTW: Thanks again for your help.

EG CameraGirl

You just became a mom! Congratulations. ;-)

Ramblings of a Villas Girl

Hi! This is a wonderful story. Congratulations bird mom. I think Ling & Ting found themselves a good home.


oh my god!! how wonderful to have experienced this!


Absolutely great ! Long time since I watched that happen.


Congratulations to Misty and Mr.Misty

They're the cutest little things! Thurkeys! Really?!


Congratulations to Misty and Mr.Misty

They're the cutest little things! Thurkeys! Really?!

Mom Knows Everything

Those are amazing! I love them!!!


What an incredible series of photos! Just amazing!

Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Undercover Softy. (And congratulations on the baby turkeys... they are sooo cute!)


Hummm...Ting and Ling...hummm 8v)

Ahh...regarding the question at the end...once you figure out which came first, then you have to figure out which came next. It's all a vicious circle.


omg how gorgeous .. what an honour to be a part of that, well done misty!


These photos are just too precious for words Misty! How wonderful for you to be able to see this.


That. Is. SOOOOO. COOL!!! And cute!
And stunning... and funny... and... all that amd a bag of chips. That's exactly what I needed right now.

You made my day!

Welcome to the world Ling and Ting!
Oh... and LOVE came first =)


So cute! Love the narrative. So will Ling and Ting be moving in the guest room?


That is so cool! Kudos to you & the Mr. :)


Great photos! I admire the time you spent in taking all the shots!

My critter is already posted as well. Please have a look if you have some time. Thanks.

Jane Hards Photography

OMG! Is this just the cutest or what!
Made my day seeing this.


I enjoyed your illustrated story today … very ‘kewl’ post indeed! My sister used to do this thing in her kindergarten class each year and I loved watching the hatchlings too.
Hugs and blessings,

i beati

very entertaining congrats on 7 good milestone flwers so bright and pretty ..sandy


Hehe.... awww... we should be handing out cigars or something! That was definitely a proud moment! What splendid photos! Congrats! =D


Wow! Nature at its best!
Thanks for the wonderful start to my day!


This was great. They're so cute.


Wonderful shots!

You must keep us posted.

Maria Verivaki

critters in the making!


When I was a child we hatched chiks every year, it was fascinating to watch.


Wow, Misty, you did a super job of capturing that sequence.

I like the vernacular you used to describe the events too! That's the way we really talk in this part of Pennsylvania also. When I went to college a kid from Harrisburg kept making fun of my talkin' and said I had to be born in Virginia, as though it were some crime to be born in Virginia.


This is THE BEST.
I love the entire sequence. Great shots all.


Hi Misty! My gosh! Those photos are just perfect! Lovely capture all the same:)


LMAO The "Hello is anyone in there" made me laugh out loud! So cute!!!

Teena in Toronto

Wow! Great action shots!

Teena in Toronto

I played too :)


WOW! I've never seen that before!


this is the miracle of life!


What a fabulous series of photos! You did a great job!! Wow! Awesome pictures! Well done!!!


Oh what a wonderful surprise these shots are! Just brilliant. Great narration too. Well done you (and friends for prompts to take photos!) and well done Mr. Undercover Softy. I am married to an Undercover Softy too. ;0)


Turkey babies?! No way. That's so cool. How does your hubby know for sure the mama turkey won't be coming back?


Oh my goodness TOO CUTE! Awesome photos Misty!


How adorably cute. Such a wonderful sight to behold.


Now Misty, these are very wonderful pictures. And getting to see the process of hatching out was a treat. Thanks for sharing.

But I have some very real concerns about this whole story. The first question is, how did your soft hearted husband know that the mother was not coming back? Had he found her dead, shot her, what? As long as he was near that nest, she definitely was not coming back, but Mama birds generally do return to nests after intruders have gone.

Secondly, do not brag about what you have in your house too loudly to your neighbors, etc. Missouri law regarding holding of wildlife in captivity is very clear, you MUST have a permit from the MO Department of Conservation in order to do what you are doing. If someone busts you to the DOC, they will come and take your cutie pies away from you, and if you are lucky you will not get a citation and fine.

Sorry to be such a downer, but. Ask yourself, if those eggs had been left in the nest, would more than two of them hatched? Probably.

Misty DawnS

The mother was not coming back, and I'll continue to spare my friends the exact details of how we knew she wasn't coming back to the nest, which was in the middle of an 80-acre hay field which was being mowed. Is that a little more clear?

I appreciate your concerns and for bringing this to my attention. I guess our idea of trying to do a good thing isn't regarded that way by all.

Did it strike you funny that there were yet-unhatched turkey eggs this late in the year? A result of our wet season and flooding, I think. Also another reason why our efforts seemed fruitless, but we had to try.

No - if those eggs would have been left. Most certainly none of them would have hatched.


Two is better than none! I confess I was wondering about the mother when I was viewing your wonderful post full of pictures, and wondering if the field was being hayed or developed, which happens all too often. Whenever I see meadowlarks guarding their territory near a hayfield, I wonder how they will fare during haying season.

Hatching birds are amazing,how do they pack that whole bird in there? And how can such tiny things run around and eat as soon as they are dry? Especially when you compare them to robins or other birds that are completely helpless for weeks.


My girls (4 an 6) and I thoroughly enjoyed this!


Too cute!!


Great pictures I think you are an amazing person taking them in and caring for them you and the soft hearted guy.I wish you and them luck and hope all turns out well.


Great post! I don't know which came first, but I know what comes next - lots of feed and lots of cleaning up after them. LOL

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