Saturday, August 16, 2008

Camera-Critters #19

This is what happens when a Border-Collie-Mommy gets frustrated because she can't open Camera-Critters for people to sign in, gives up, and sneaks out early to go for a walk, without properly notifying the 'Watch Crew'.

"Taaaaaaag! Hey Tag! Come quick!
There's someone coming down the road!
Seriously Taaaaaaag! There's someone coming!"
(c) Misty DawnS

"What? Huh? There's someone coming!?!? I'm on my way!"
"Don't come one step closer! I have a Tag watching my back!"
(c) Misty DawnS

"HEY! WAIT! That's not 'someone' - that's MOM!!!"
"Mom, Mom, It's MOMMMMMMM"
(c) Misty DawnS

"I really didn't mean it Mom. I really wasn't gonna sick Tag on you
HONEST! Awwww come on Mom, it was an easy mistake."
(c) Misty DawnS

"We're all good? No problems, right?
I mean you'll just overlook that little incident, right Mom?"
(c) Misty DawnS

"OK, fine. Will you forgive me if
I scatter sticks throughout the yard
pick up sticks for ya?"
(c) Misty DawnS

Before you head out to buy some religious jewelry, why not do a Camera-Critters post first?
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Ha ha! Saki always seems to find the BIGGEST stick in the county to carry around, too! LOL


Oh..they're having so much fun! :D Happy Saturday:)


Such beautiful dogs! And they look like they're full of mischief.


i love to see these doggies play!


They are so cute!!


Your dogs are great and they look in fine shape.


I love the captions to go with the photos :) Very creative! Beautiful dogs :)

Teena in Toronto

What happy dogs! I read a book last week about a border collie.

I played too ... come see my bald Chia kitty :)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: It must be nice to be wanted.


You have such gorgeous dogs! Such fun!

Ramblings of a Villas Girl

Hi Misty! Beautiful puppies. They look like that have lots of energy.

david mcmahon

Five, six, pick up sticks!!

Kahshe Cottager

Playtime!!! They love Camera Critter day don't they??

Have a wonderful weekend!
My Camera Critters Here and Here


I thought I was at B13's blog for a minute. ;) You both make me want a border collie.

They are beautiful Misty. Must be a real treat to have them meet you.

Thanks for your kind comments about my hawk photos today.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener

It looks like everyone had a fun time outside.
Thanks for visiting The Gardener Side

Mom Knows Everything

They are so adorable! You have to bring them with you when you come over. Princess can play with them!

i beati

can't get enough of these players - You must teach me to tell them apart someday . All I see is fun !!! sandy


Awwww... I know at least one woofie and one hooman woofie mommy who would love to join!


Very awesome dog you have, Misty! I never really owned a dog, so I can only imagine your happiness.

I joined Camera Critters, too! HERE is where I posted my entry. Happy weekends!


I love these dogs. Border collies are my absolutely favourite dogs.

And I love your commentary. Perfect critter post.


LOL Very clever. Such pretty dogs


what a lovely dogs you have, they enjoyed so much, love watching them ,thanks for sharing and for the visit..


Love, love these. I had a boarder collie mix for 17 years...she was a sweetie. Yours remind me of her. So full of life & joy!

Corey~living and loving

Sorry CC was giving you trouble.

Looks like a fun time with the doggies though. :)

happy Sunday!


Good job you did sneak out, or they'd have insisted on going too, and then you wouldn't have these gorgeous shots! They are such lovely dogs.


Action shots! That's the way to open a meme!

Heart of Rachel

Looks like all of them enjoyed a nice game outdoors. Great shots.


What a nice dog and so good to carry this long stick around, lol !


I always smile when I see that precious face. :)


Sweet picture story!
Cheers, Klaus


I love your Collies! They're so adorable, happy and just too cute. Great commentary also! lol

EG CameraGirl

Cute but mischievous, I think. My kinda dogs!


Fun Photo story today with your dogs as ‘starz’ … my Molly would play ‘tug of war’ with yourz ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


So did you forgive them? I mean picking up the sticks for you should have been enough right? Funny story.


I think border collies really look great!


I ♥ your watch crew... they're gorgeous and they look so mischievous in your photos! (Trooper loves to "pick up sticks" in our yard too!)

A Blog In The Rough

Cute story and of course even cuter dogs :)


The dogs look like they are having way to much fun!!! I think it's that they see "mommy" I love the pictures, you have some very happy dogs, you must be a great 'mom'!

How do you do that morph thing? I tried to click on it, but couldn't get it to open. And yes, I do think you look like Julia Roberts! I'm actually watching Stepmom with Julia Roberts right now, so it's really weird! Anyway, let me know what I'm doing wrong on the morphing thing, it looks like a lot of fun! Especially, to see who or "what" I morph into....(lol).....


Nice doggy... :)

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