Saturday, August 30, 2008

Camera-Critters 21

I remember shortly after I was married, my aunt brought my grandpa to the farm to visit me. It was milking time (we were a dairy farm back then), and Grandpa watched with amusement as I walked to the milking barn with two little lambs (Fawn and Annie were their names) following on my heels, because they followed me everywhere. Grandpa laughed and laughed and kept telling my aunt, "Look! She's got lambs who think she's 'Mom', and she's on her way to work with cows." Before he left, he said, "Honey, you've found your place in life. This is exactly where you were meant to be... surrounded by animals."

Well, who am I to disagree with Grandpa? He's the smartest and most wonderful man I ever knew. Besides, he was right (as always), I really do need to be surrounded by animals.

Which is why I was breathing sighs of relief and contentment when I was finally able to walk out back and take photos of this...

What's that? What are those? Ohhhhhh COWS!!! YAY!(c) Misty DawnS

I was so lost and desperate without any livestock on our farm for the past year, that I even resorted to 'borrowing' the neighbors cattle... just for photographs, of course... and a few heart-to-heart discussions on what is wrong with the world today and why animals are much better company than humans.
(c) Misty DawnS

Yep, I'll be having lots of heart-to-hearts with our new cattle.
See, they're already interested in everything I have to say.
(c) Misty DawnS

See, they are SO eager for us to begin our loving relationship together.
(c) Misty DawnS

Really, they were thrilled to find out they were coming to live with me.
(c) Misty DawnS

OK, maybe I exaggerated a little bit about that.
(c) Misty DawnS

Actually, they just want to eat our grass and eventually get those babies out of their bellies. Oh what fun that will be!!! Calf photos!!! Oh yeah - this is where I was intended to be - surrounded by animals.
(c) Misty DawnS

Well, I was thinking we were in desperate need of a vacation, and I was even looking into cruises. We won't be doing that now, though. Our family has just grown by thirty-eight expectant Mamas. I'll just have to leave Hubs here and go hang out with my daddy. ;-)

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these are very wonderful!very nice!i love the colors

EG CameraGirl

Yes, those cows are very interested in you and your camera, aren't they? Tee hee

I had a very wise grandpa too!


Wow so they are all yours? and 38 of them are going to have babies? You sure are going to be one busy girl.But I am glad you are where you are meant to be surrounded by animals.

Pat - Arkansas

Will you be shouting "I don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin' no babies?" when the time comes?

Your animals are beautiful!


no way!! these are all yours? i can tell you are so exciteD!


I love cows. And, you're going to be a grandma...of HOW MANY? Wow!


I agree with your grandpa, and I think I'm the same way. I grew up on a small ranch with tons of animals, and I miss that. Desperately!

I love your cow pictures. They are so fun and peaceful to photograph. I love watching them munch on hay. Great photos!


Oh yes you were meant to be surrounded by animals. And you are right - they are much better than humans in many respects!

These are some great shots Mist. I love the one third down - she looks like she is really considering what you said!

i beati

serenity - flowers fruits bovines green green grass of

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Mist: What a fun post with all the cows.
Thanks for our help. I'm bak on line for now.


Misty, You are one lucky woman to go out your backdoor and have all the wide-open space and these beautiful cows! I loved your story and the history of your love and need for animals. You made me laugh with some of your comments, but this was a great post! Congrats on your expecting cows! Can't wait for you to post photos of them when they are born!

Kahshe Cottager

Well .. they were certainly keeping a watchful eye on you! Maybe sizing you up as a midwife?? It will be fun to see the baby photos!

Have a wonderful weekend!
My Camera Critters Here and Here


aw, you have cows now? And they are expecting? What fun! I can't wait to see the calf pics. Oh, these cow pics are nice, but there's nothing like a sweet calf.


Great shots. Viewing cows makes me calm. They are beautiful and scenes are wonderful!


Holy milkshake, Batman!! That's a lot of babies!
love cows. They have the cutest faces.


Wow 38 expectant mamas that will grow your herd in no time. Very nice shots. Oh and I like the skywatch photo you posted this week as well.

Maria Verivaki

wish i lived on a farm - is that a lake in the first photo?


I have said it before but it remains true - cows are favourites in this house.


Great pics of these big critters :) Love that one close-up :)

My entry is here

Stop by if you have a moment. Have a great week ahead!


Soon you are going to be a proud owner of many calves, Great!


Hey Misty! I'm here. Summer is over (sorta) and I'm back at school but I'm not crying because I love it.

I have to get a cow poster that shows the breeds because I don't know what kind these are. But they are gorgeous. Love the shot with the cow chewing the grass! Wonderful photos (of course!)


Your ‘cow shots’ and story reminded me of life with my Dad … who taught me MANY THINGS about cows over the years.
Hugs and blessings,


I like cows too(I even have the tag cows (koeien) on my blog) Nice that you can live surrounded by animals !

Mom Knows Everything

Me LOVE cows!!!! My kitchen is decorated in cows hehehe!


Those are beautiful cows. I do have a lot of cow shots too! Great shots!


Hi, again! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your friendly words!


oh hey.. forgot to ask if those babies come with child support? lol

Reader Wil

Thank you for the lovely post about cows. They are such peaceful animals! Thank you for the visit and comment. I am still half in Australia and half in Holland.


I know you must be happy. I just ran into a neighbor who had to decrease his livestock quite a bit due to lack of hay. I'll look forward to seeing the baby pics! Thanks for stopping by...


Love the cow photos and I can't wait to see the calves! I was going to offer to knit you some baby booties but with 38 expectant Mamas, I'm not sure that I'm up to the task! Lol!


wow! surrounded with many animals I like all the photos very wonderful..

Rambling Woods

You sound so excited!! Beautiful area you live in. I remember how exciting it was for my sister and I when we visited a cousin's farm every summer. It was a dairy farm and we loved it...


Wow Misty that was an exciting post, and you have such a beautiful place with so many cows, hope we get to see all the babies. Most people would love to holiday at a farm. cheers.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

Congratulations on the new additions!!!!


Sorry I missed this week. We were out of town at a hotel with NO wireless internet. :( It truly was like being in a third world country. Even the desk clerk spoke very little English and we were in Pennsylvania!

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