Sunday, August 10, 2008

Itchy, Bumpy Hands

OK - I'm in search for someone who can relate to a medical condition. No, I'm not going to ask about diet pills. I'm asking about this stupid condition that I get on my hands, mostly all over my fingers. Most people who see it say "Oh, Poison Ivy." However, it is not Poison Ivy. I get this every year. Well, actually, I think I pretty much always have it, but it just changes in severity. Each year, it gets worse. Now, I've got them on my feet too. UGH!

Here's a brief description. I have no idea what it is, and any doctor has always just given me creams to put on my hands and fingers, and that just makes them feel icky and itch more. I get bumps, upon bumps, upon bumps all over my fingers. The bumps are filled with fluid, similar to poison ivy, but I reiterate this is not Poison Ivy. Trust me, I know Poison Ivy all to well. Once the bumps have been broken open, they will leave discolored dead skin on my fingers. But, more and more bumps continue to form, you can see them under the skin before they finally appear above the skin. I've notice that if I get stressed out, it gets worse. Hot, humid days seem to make it worse too, but I'm assuming that has something to do with sweating aggravating it. My fingers are an absolute mess right now - they are covered in these bumps and itching like mad... to the point I just wanna scream!

So, you're wondering why am I asking all of you? Because the Blogosphere is HUGE. I'm hoping one of my friends out here is shaking their head right now saying "Yep, I know EXACTLY what that is."



I have no idea, Mist, but I sure hope somebody does. It sounds like such a pain. ((Misty Dawn))


I have no idea what it is Misty but I used to get the exact same thing on my fingers - drives you batty! I don't get it now though, it just seemed to clear up on its own so I can't give you a cure sorry, but I can empathise.


I'm sorry, I have no idea what it is either :( But I do want to recommend a great lotion that helps lots of skin problems. I use it for my Psoriasis. It's Renew by Melaleuca.

Pat - Arkansas

Misty, if you have not consulted a dermatologist, you should do so. If possible, arrange for an appointment to coincide with a break out, which would aid in the diagnosis.

I am NOT a physician, but sounds like it could be contact-dermatitis, or some sort of fungus infection flare up. (I've had both, and know how miserable you must be.) Hope you get some relief soon.


I agree with Pat, sounds much like a contact-dermatitis, fungul thing. I think I get something similar on both my hands a feet .. tinea cream works well, although it doesnt actually seem to be tinea .. go see a dermatologist.


Have you asked your doctor about Psoriasis? I have moderate to severe Psoriasis and it sometimes begins like that. It gets worse in the summer time for me and drives me insane.


When I was a kid I used to get something like you describe. NOT poison ivy. I could roll around in that and not get it. (I do get it now.) My doctor called it aerothemamultiformae - which describes it but doesn't help much. He also gave me a cream, which did help with the itch. A few of the blisters got pretty big, and I still have scars from them. I seem to have grown out of it long since. Don't really think this helps you much. I do believe it was some weed that grew locally that I managed to get into as a kid. We played in vacant lots in the neighborhood. It could be some weed or perhaps an evergreen near your home.


No clue, but here are some search results for you to read and rule out. (looks like there are a lot of different types of eczema -- maybe your doc is treating you for the wrong one?)

Hope you and your doc figure it out soon, Misty. Time to get a diagnosis and effective treatment!

K-T Palmer

I had the exact same problem. My dermitologist perscribed VANOS which is a topical steriod. Before be you put on vanos and Aveeno cream (the one with the blue lid)and you put on white cotton gloves. Within 3 days I saw huge results.


Dear Misty,

I would lay money that it is Dyshidrosis. The deep blisters are like little tunnels that you can see under your skin. It will drive you crazy itching. Have your dermatologist prescribe you Vanos cream. Also, I tend to stick a needle down in skin to pop blisters that are deep then squeeze liquid out. That makes them quit itching. Good luck.



be careful of Aveeno cream, like TMP suggested. I have a similar condition at the moment, with tiny itchy bumps all over my hands, some with dark spots inside of them. probably not what you have but when i used Aveeno, the rash got a thousand times worse. It's driving me insane!

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