Friday, August 15, 2008

It's a Ball!

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Molly has some great friends out there. She has been in a severe depression after losing her last Holee Roller in the pond last Summer. She was so pitiful that Hubs even went into the pond this Summer to see if he could find the lost Holee Roller balls, but was unsuccessful.

Well, much to Molly's delight, a site has been found where we can order these precious, most fantastic, greatest-ball-in-the-whole-wide-world, toys. So, I will be able to start overloading you with more super-duper I can catch a ball while a puppy is attached to my throat action shots! I can tell you just can't wait ;-) Hey, would you rather talk about futures trading? Yeah, that's what I thought. I think Molly needs to get a job though... these balls aren't cheap. *sigh* Can you say spoiled?



I love seeing your Molly playing tug-of-war … a game MY Molly loves also. As for expensive dog toys … of course we spoil them … but they’re worth it all ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


How wonderful. Our dog Little Bit has one of those balls. It isn't her favorite though. Funny how that works. Have a great day and weekend sweetie. :)


We have a Holee Roller for Miss Lucy Loo. She's not impressed with the pricey toys. Nope. she'd rather steal Daddys socks! It gets a tug every now and then, but she tires of it quickly. We have them in just about every pet store around here. LOVE the picture of your babies playing!! Those are some happy doggies!

I gotta tell ya.. it is soooo nice to be able to visit your blog again. Over the past few months our dial-up was so slow I would have to let your site load while I washed dishes... about 20 minutes and I'd have to hit stop even just because I'd get tired of waiting. Not your fault at all!! It was our dial up and I think a really bad phone line the phone company wouldn't replace. We're on high speed now and I'm sooooooooo freakin lovin' it!!

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