Monday, August 11, 2008

Make It Empire Today

As most of you know, when we moved to this state, the house we moved into was very small. It also required some very necessary and immediate home improvements. So, we decided to try to save money by taking care of multiple things at one time, and while we were pouring new cement walls, we decided to pour the foundation for an addition to the house. Now, not only will this provide us some much needed space, it will also provide me with the ability to use my opinion and special touches to really make this 'our home'. That is really exciting to me, because this is the first home Hubs and I have ever moved into together. In the old state, I just moved into Hubs’ home that he had already owned.

A couple obvious things we will need are flooring and carpet. Not only will I want the master bedroom carpet to be soft and beautiful, I will also need to replace the guest bedroom carpet, since it is stained and has snags in it. Oh, and I’m dreaming of some beautiful laminate flooring in the kitchen, while Hubs wants ceramic tiles in the entrance way. We’re going to be living here for a very long time, and we want to be proud and comfortable in our home.

I'm sure most of you have seen the Empire Today Commercials. You know the jingle... "800-588-2300 Empire!" They have been the leading provider of installed home furnishing and improvements for over 45 years, and with their in-home shopping and demonstrations, you'll definitely see why. They definitely make it easy to pick the perfect carpet and flooring for your home! In my experience, it has always been difficult to pick out furnishings or colors for my home while being in the store. I would get home, and then realize that it didn’t really match the colors like I wanted, and I would be disappointed.

When you hear "Empire Carpet", don't be misled! They provide not only carpet, but also hardwood, laminate, and ceramic flooring. They even go beyond floor improvements and offer window treatments and bath & shower linings. I absolutely love hardwood floors and think they are beautiful. So, naturally, we will have lots of hardwood flooring in the house. Oh, and the window treatment services really caught my attention, because NONE of the new windows in this house are finished. In addition to selling you the products to beautify your home, they also provide complete, customer-satisfaction guaranteed, installation services. Here is a link to some of their Empire Today Bath Stories so you can see for yourself.

So, when you want to beautify your home and receive top-notch customer service, remember this...


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OMG I love the videos!!!


I'm just so shocked that you found and used videos with dogs in them. :P

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