Friday, August 22, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

Hello my dear Sky Watch Friday friends! Due to my busy and overwhelming life lately, it has been quite awhile since I remembered to post my Sky Watch photo. Oh yes, I, of course, have still been taking photos of the sky, I just forget to post them for Sky Watch. I will be at work on Friday and think, "Oh Dummy! You forgot again!" Well, this Friday, I am not forgetting.

(c) Misty DawnS

It took me a while of zig-zagging up and down the road and back and forth across the road; Then, standing on tiptoes, I finally had the moon right where I wanted it in reference to the grain bins and the corn field in the foreground. I realize that if your monitor is set differently than mine, you may not see the grain bins (one of my best friends didn't even know they were there) or corn. So, don't worry if you can't.

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Hi Misty, my friend.
Love the way you caught the moon, it wos worthwhile all the trouble.


i only see the Moon, but what a Moon !
Looks like a preview for the Harvest Moon.

Mom Knows Everything

Hey I did a moon photo for Sky Watch on Girl Talk. Sorry I wasn't back on line last night, but I'm so stressed that I wanna scream! I love ya Dork!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway?

This is such a beautiful shot. The full bright moon within the stark darkness with the outline of a barn or silo? Beautiful!


That's really a great photo...
Gets my Ten Points and a Gold Star award for this week...
Best regards, Don.


I love it I'm actually howling as I'm typing...


Wow! This is one of the best photos this week! Thanks for sharing this lovely shot.


nice photo. I like how you can just see the outline of the barn


What a MARVELOUS moon shot!!! I’ve tried a couple of these and shared at Sacred Ruminations (for SkyWatch and PhotoHunt)in previous weeks, but today I’ve posted ‘wispy clouds on blue beach skies’ for your enjoyment.
Hugs and blessings,


I have come to the conclusion that with my current camera, I am never going to get a good moon shot as the light reflection wipes out all of the detail. This picture is great even though I can barely make out the grain bins with my monitor.


I love that moon! I usually have to choose between getting some detail on the moon or getting the foreground and the moon. You got it just right.

I have been missing your Sky Watch shots on Fridays, but I know you're busy.


This photo leaves me speechless!! It's absolutely gorgeous! Well done!!!!!!


Stunning moon - I was trying to capture the moon this week too but got too much scatter. Very well done.


This is beautiful


simply perfect!!!


Tough to see the barn - but what a great image! Harvest Moon in perfection!
Well done!
Cheers, Klaus


Oh. My. Gosh!
This is my favorite Sky Watch photo EVER! So beautiful! Absolutely stunning!


When I enlarged it it was all there and so perfect!


Great shot of the moon. I actually have moon entry too!


Oh WOW that was worth all the trouble you went to!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: You did a great job of capturing the Moon in this shot. I hope you enjoyed my offering on the main page, how lucky am I?

Jane Hards Photography

I missed this one. Fabulous job. I keep saying I will shoot the moon and one day I will.


Oh I expected to find at least one deer under that beautiful pumpkin in the sky. At least I got to see them beforehand. Nice photos.


Thanks for the commentary. I couldn't see grain bins at all, but when I read that, I enlarged it, closed my eyes for a while, then moved the computer monitor, and I could faintly see them. The shot was terrific without them, but WITH them, just perfect. Excellent choice!


I absolutely LOVE this shot!! Awesome!!!


Marvellous !!!!! I'll put this one in my top 3 of this week.


How on earth did I miss this one friend?
I see the grain bins, and the corn.
Once my eyes adjusted that is. What an absolutely awesome shot.

Everything is beautiful. The zig zagging was worth it.

Kahshe Cottager

You are right! We did see and photograph the same moon! Wasn't it just breathtaking? I am hoping to capture a harvest moon later in the fall! I did see the grain bins when I enlarged the photo.

Thanks for your visit and comments on my SWF. Sorry to be so late making my visits ~ it was a hectic weekend here!

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