Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where To Go

I'm going to admit one of my faults to you. I'm horrible with directions. That is, I'm horrible with picturing directions in my head. However, I can follow a map or written directions just fine. I also tend to panic when I have to go somewhere I have never been. Therefore, I always want a map or written directions when I'm going somewhere new. Luckily, there is a website which provides a local search and also provides yellow pages and driving directions.

Considering we haven't lived in this area long, I feel like I never know where I need to go or how I need to get there. This site allows me to find and print directions, and it also provides me with the local yellowpages.

Hmmmm. Maybe I should use it for my upcoming wedding anniversary to find a local restaurant and make Hubs take me out to eat! Yes, I think that's a good plan. Now... what kind of food am I in the mood for?



Hee! I could have written this! ;)

I hope you & hubby have a wonderful anniversary. And, yes, make Hubs take you out to eat!

Mom Knows Everything

So where's he taking you for your anniversary dinner? More importantly what are we doing for our anniversary? ;o)


The best recent purchase I've made was a GPS. A printed map is cool, but if I need gas, or food, or a hospital... the GPS will pull up anything you need instantaneously.


You won't probably remember me and Camera Critter has so many...how could you...but I started with 2 of my 5 dogs and then gave up! There were so many professional photographers but I still love to come and look! I never forgot your sweet puppy and have your button down my sidebar with my crew of dogs!

Directions or not...please tell me you can do this...
Stop by and visit with me this week... there will be something special waiting for you. It's in my Tuesday post! Come on by...besides the Sharing the Love and Friendship...you are listed in my special selected ones...


That was one of the most major things I've dealt with with moving. But I have a GPS so it makes things a little easier. I hate not knowing where places are though.

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