Thursday, September 18, 2008

An Award from Home

In between working three jobs, having this dumb urge to actually eat some food during the day and get some sleep at night (not nearly enough though), and trying to take care of home duties, I have been a HUGE slacker when it comes to visiting my friends' blogs. Not only that, I've become a HUGE slacker when it comes to completing memes I have been tagged to do. Not only that, I've been horrible at showing my appreciation for awards I have been given and forwarding those awards along to my fantastic and special friends here in the Blogosphere.

So, after answering a phone call in which I was offered some great life insurance rates, I realized I had been given this awesome award by a very special person whose blog really means a lot to me.

Here's the award...

This award was given to me (most recently - it may have been given to me by other people too - please forgive me if it was) by my very special friend, The Fishing Guy. This REALLY means a lot to me, because his blog and his writing and friendship mean the world to me. You see, he lives in my hometown county. You know, the one I lived in my whole life before moving here a year ago. Every time I visit his blog, I feel like I've been able to 'go home' for a little bit, and that means the absolute world to me! I view his photographs and read about where they were taken, and I KNOW those places - I've been there! Those places are "home" to me. Ahhh, I'm sure he has no idea how his blog affects me and what it does for me........ hmmmm, maybe he does now... if he reads this, that is ;-) If you do read this - THANK YOU MY FRIEND!


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