Saturday, September 27, 2008

Camera-Critters #25

It's the 25th edition of Camera-Critters!!!
Can you believe it?!?!
As you'll see, obviously some of us are a little more excited than others.

Calf? What Calf?
I don't see a calf... does anyone see a calf?
(c) Misty DawnS

"What'chu talkin' bout, Woman?"
(c) Misty DawnS

"You just keep on walkin, and we'll pretend this never happened...
GOT IT?!?!"
(c) Misty DawnS

"You remember this next time you step in a cow-patty...
You brought it on yourself!"
(c) Misty DawnS

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Teena in Toronto

Looks very comfy! We don't have a lot of cows in my 'hood! Ha!

I played too :)


Are you a cow whisperer? I bet you are just a animal bug any kind of critter whisperer right?


Its so cute. Those sad, dark eyes. Calves I've tried to photograph always run off. You must have a knack!


there's that infamous calf again! what a cutie. don't you wish they stay young forever though? she's your little baby!

i beati

newbie and flowers too great sandy


I loved the commentary!


Of course calves can hide behind a blade of grass - and I've known mothers do do the same. Usually when you are worried about them.


Cute! Thanks for sharing!

Please stop by both blogs for double the CC !!

♥ mommy author ♥


mine is up too!


Cute and she looks very comfortable there:) Nice shot!~Mine is posted HERE too. Happy CC!~


Cute calf, still with his curly hair. Great dialog you two had!

Susan Demeter

Happy 25th!! And what a sweet wee critter :)

My entry is here

Stop by if you have a moment.

Reader Wil

Lovely and sweet! Young animals are always adorable! Well I don't mean crocs or insects...


Love your calf hiding in the tall grass. I’ve got Ms. Kitty hiding similarly in the Baby Tears throughout my yard.
Hugs and blessings,

Maria Verivaki

a wonderful shot - so cute!@


Have you named it yet?

Juliana RW

great shot of ur calf, misty

Please drop at my CC post also : in HERE Thanks


Those eyes say a lot, even in human speak 8v) Funny set.

Wendy (Sweetie)

Such a cute cow playing peek-a-boo.



Aw, where was it's Mama?


A beautiful little fella.


a cow is an animal i can never forget... i was in first grade, walking with my cousins on the way to school, a cow along the road suddenly went berserk and i panicked. we all did. i ran across the street and the next thing i remembered was lying in the hospital ER. i was hit by a car...

Heart of Rachel

Cute photos! Looks like the calf appreciates lovely flowers.


What an adorable series of photos. Love the curly hair and big ears in the bottom photo... (and the captions always make me smile!)


Excuse me, but you forgot to put a critter in that first shot. Or if there's one there I don't see it :)

Cute critter

My Camera Critters is here


This calf is a source of photo inspiration, and cute :-) Congrats with the 25th camera critters !

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: How can an animal that big think it's hiding in those low weeds. It did give you the move on look for certain.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

That baby is precious! Happy 25th CC!


Wonderful - love the commentary. I did one this week too. Great shots.

david mcmahon

Good thing you weren't cowed down!
Love the third shot ....


She is so pretty!!!

Jane Hards Photography

How can you make a cow look so cute!
Beautiful storyboard.

Pat - Arkansas

Cute calf-critter!


nice picture of the cute calf

Dar's Foto Faze

Such a little cutie! Did you name her yet.


that was a cute post!


Great post Misty! They are cute aren't they?


I loved looking at the calf, it's so cute! I used to have some black angus calves of my own when I was growing up on a farm. Thanks for sharing those! :-)


Nice set of pictures of a cute animal.
P.S. Love your SWF picture too!


Awwww...I just want to hug him and love him and squeeze him...!


Those calf shots are great! I love the calf trying to hide in the grass. Too cute.


Wonderful shots of the little guy peeking through.


What a sweet little face!


Love the story and cow talk!! The photos are great!! Take Care!!



Heh...that calf is looking at you in a not-nice tone of voice.


Congrats on your 25th! The calf is so cute and looks so innocent and sweet! You have such a way with all animals, my hats off to you! I have not posted yet, it's been one of those weeks lately. I do love your CC meme!!


Too cute!
Love those fuzzy ears, dark curls, and long eyelashes.


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