Thursday, September 18, 2008

College Debate

(Please excuse the mess - we were preparing for the big move, hence the Budweiser boxes in the background - honest those were used for packing!!! And, yes, that is MY fish hanging on the wall - I refused to allow anyone to pack it other than me)

Some of you may remember that I'm a college student. Yep, before we moved here, I would push myself way too hard by taking too many credit hours and trying to balance that with work, home, dogs, step-kids, and farming.

After a semester of about something like 19 credit hours, working, and preparing for a farm liquidation sale, and ... oh yeah, packing up my entire life to send it on a livestock trailer 750 miles away... I came seriously close to burn-out. OK, I'm lying - I was burnt - crisp as toast... burnt toast that is.

So, I've taken some time off from college, and wasn't sure how to feel about that. Part of me told myself I needed the time off, because there's no way I can expect myself to do more right now. The other part of me felt guilty and kept telling myself that I was being stupid to have worked so hard to maintain a 4.0 GPA and now give up.

So, I came to a happy conclusion...
See, when I enrolled for this particular degree, I was doing it basically so I would have a degree, and it would help me secure employment when we moved (You know, so I could buy things like drywall, cement, paint, appliances, and dream of a finished home with home theater sconces and heat in the bathroom).

Now that I have secured employment, I decided I wanted to take classes for me - classes which would interest me and help me further myself, rather than 'just get a degree'. So, I'm taking an HTML course starting in October, and I'm looking forward to it.

In fact, I'm even considering changing the whole focus of my college pursuits to something like web design. I wonder if I could even utilize that kind of education out here in Podunk my small farming county.



Wow that is some schedule you have had. You have every reason to be stressed out. Sounds like a good decision re college. Maybe you can share some neat html tips to the rest of us. Good luck


That is probably the best decision of all time! OK I may exaggerate slightly, but at least you know I think it is a great idea.

Not least because on these last photos of you that you posted - you look fab! You look content, and in control and at peace.

That is worth countless degrees in anything. Do what you love.


I totally buy the whole "using them as moving boxes"....oh yeah, that's what I use them for too!!! bwahahaha!!!


Of course you can! I'm taking a Dreamweaver course in the fall and I'm 11 years out of college with a Masters degree. Take what you learn and meld it with what you love. (There are a lot of dog owners that will pay good money for web design and upkeep)


Yay! You go & be happy learning. :)


Yay you! I think that's great!

Once you've taken the course, you can teach me html. ;)


html is fun! It's also something you can do from home, sitting on your couch.

I like burnt toast, but I'd rather not have you all burnt out. It's just not worth it.

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