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Heads or Tails *How Would You Change Where You Live*

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This week's theme is "TAILS - How would you change where you live?"

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One day, I was being whiny and pouty, and I informed Hubs that I am going through some SERIOUS Daddy-Withdrawal! I'm telling you... it's a horrible condition, this "Daddy-Withdrawal". I don't wish it on anyone. When one has said condition, it renders the sufferer a complete pouty, whiny, blubbering mess! The experts, so far, have only been able to find one treatment for said condition... Immediate and large doses of the prescription called "D.A.D.". Be aware though, said prescription (D.A.D.) comes with some known side effects... these side-effects include, but are not limited to: excessive laughter, giddiness, huge smiles, sudden desire to hug, a happy heart, sleeplessness due to staying up all night rambling on and on to a loved one, and in some cases sudden jumping up and down and squealing with delight. If any of the aforementioned side effects are noted during the administering of D.A.D., whatever you do, you should NOT stop administering D.A.D. Suddenly ceasing D.A.D. treatment may cause even more severe "Daddy-Withdawal". Therefore, it is recommended to INCREASE the D.A.D. dosage to every day for life.

Hey - I'm just trying to help my fellow sufferers!

So, Hubs replied to me, "My wife is really home sick."

"No," I replied, "I like it here. Honest. I just miss the 4 F's"

"The 4 F's?"

"Yeah!" I exclaimed while looking at him like he was a moron. "Father, Family, Friends, and Food!"

"Umm, Misty, wouldn't 'Father' go under the 'Family' category?"

"OH NO! He gets a category ALL his own!"

"Oh, I see. You know, I never EVER thought I'd hear YOU say you missed food!"

"Yeah, well... When I get the first three F's to come out here, I'll tell them to bring with them the Food I can't get out here!"

Hubs just shook his head at me. (hmmm, why does it seem like he shakes his head at me quite often??? Must try to figure that out.)

Lawson's Chip Dip... Siciliano's Pizza... Whoppers... Aunt J's Seven Layer Salad... Neighbor's Gingersnaps... Daddy's Chocolate Chip Cookies... Gyros at the fair... maybe I should start researching the best diet pills now!



So you'd change where you live by bringing the 4 F's to you? Sounds like a plan.

I can't imagine why Hubs would shake his head at you. Nope. Can't imagine.


That was a good feelgood post.
Enjoyed it.

Hootin' Anni

That was so enjoyable!!! And I can understand the DAD withdrawal...And the side effects are something I could live with. Now, if only I could change the fact that my D.A.D. is 6' under!! Wow, not only was this a great post it brought back so many good memories for me too.

Happy HoT day.


When I moved south from ny I missed a lot of food, too. But there is also some new food here that I had never heard of before, so I guess it was a fair trade! lol!


Ooooh... I can sooooo relate. My parents (Mama + Papa = MaPa) live about an hour drive by car away, but since they are still working busily and we are, too, we don't see each other that often. When I don't get the chance to talk to my mom at least once a day, I get sick :-)

Hubs keeps on shaking his head about this (and many other things) b/c his mom "left him" when his parents got divorced. Frank was 11 yo. His mom moved to Spain and theie relationship is not so close.

You know how much I love the thought of moving to Majorca, but that's a 1.600 km distance to MaPa... and that thought makes me sick... SICK... S.I.C.K. *sigh*

I guess I will need a M.A.P.A. presription... high dosage :-)

Beautiful picture b.t.w.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: Sometimes I feel bad about sharing the area when it adds on to your missing NE Ohio. Then I think, it is giving Misty a least a taste of Ohio. I have the same feelings about PA and then I make a visit and all is well.
I hear you talking about the food part. I love Lawson's Chip Dip, I even like to put it on steak and vegtables. We always use it with a steak and vegtable fondue.


This is just my opinion.. but I would like it if YOU moved instead of your Dad. :)

PS - You can use that head shaking for next week's theme :P


I'm so lucky that my Dad lives close enough that I get to see him twice a week!

Mom Knows Everything

I LOVED IT!!! You made me miss my dad now.


Nicely done post!


The greatest joy in all of Life is to hear "Dad" from the lips of one of my children. The thrill is to the marrow of every bone and the giddiness that ensues is without remedy. (nor is remedy sought!) I loved this bit of insight into that sterling Soul of yours Sweet One. 'Tis but, yet another, reason for the love of You.

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