Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Revenge on the Pranksters

A few weeks ago, I had endured some very lousy days, and I was feeling completely exhausted, both emotionally and physically. I had even cut my nightly phone conversation with my dad short in order to get some much needed rest. I hit the pillow, and I was, finally, sound asleep, without any worries or stress. That lasted until about 2 a.m., when the house phone started ringing. I don't think my feet hit the floor until I was halfway across the room reaching for the phone. I was shaking when I answered it, because I was afraid of what I might hear on the other end. I mean, when you get a phone call at that time of night, it's not usually good news, and I have a 95 year old great-uncle, who means the world to me, back in Ohio, whom I worry about all the time. Well, it wasn't bad news. Thank goodness. However, it was some young punk calling to ask me if I would like him to perform various sexual favors for me and wondering if I'd perform some in return. Of course, I immediately hung up the phone. However, by then, the damage was done. By then, I was so angry and upset, I could not fall back asleep for several hours.

It's times like this when I miss my Caller I.D. Before we moved, we had Caller I.D., and I was known to use an online service such as to search by phone number, find the person's name, and give them a call back. Then, I would refer to him by name and explain that this was simply a "courtesy call" to notify him I would not hesitate to notify the police of his most recent phone call to me. It was always a satisfying feeling when I hung up the phone and felt I had got a little revenge.



Gosh! That is just not a pleasant way to wake up from some good sleep! I'm so sorry. Bah.


Before caller ID I kept a whistle near the phone. After a few hang ups one night I blasted the whistle into the receiver. The next day I noticed one kid up the block wiggling a finger in his ear a little more often than normal ;)


Ugh! What a little bleep! I really like b13's idea, though. *giggle*


Oh yes, get a whistle and blast the little twonk's ear drums!

Mom Knows Everything

Ah you should of handed the phone to hubby, buddy would have peed his pants. LOL


What a horrid thing to do. Why do kids think that's funny?

We did get that call you were dreading. It was hubby's 93 year old aunt who passed away Sunday around 12:30 a.m. I had been dreaming in the few minutes I slept about planning my funeral, then we get the call. :(


That's the most rotten prank to play ever. I agree - get a whistle. ;0)

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