Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

(c) Misty DawnS

This is a from a series of shots I did when our NEW cows (woohooo! I've missed them! yippee! We have cows again - FINALLY!!! Nah, I'm not really that excited about them *grin*) were standing on the hill when the sun was setting. So, if you are thinking you already saw this shot on my other blog, you actually saw a very similar shot from the same series of obsessive "I'm-so-happy-we-have-cows-again" sunset snapping. :-)

Yes, I printed one of these and entered it in the fair photography contest. Unfortunately though, when I got these shots, I had already ordered my prints to enter in the contest. So, since several people liked the shot on my other blog, I printed it myself and took one of last year's entries apart so I could use the matting from it. Unfortunately, the matting is a white oval matting and really takes away from the photos - it seriously did not do it justice - but you have to work with what you have.

So, if you are wondering... NO - this wasn't the winner of one of the seven ribbons. ;-)
(absolutely rotten, aren't I? Don't worry - I'll give you all the details... soon... very soon... I promise. hehe)

Click here to check out more Sky Watch participants or to join in on the fun yourself.



I LOVE LOVE LOVE backlit photos!! Thanks for sharing. Mine is up too!


This is a beautiful, timeless photo. It speaks to me of peace.

Pat - Arkansas

Wonderful, Misty! This is a classic photo, and *should* be a prize-winner!

Lovely Sky Watch!

Larry D

Great photo! I agree it is a prize winner.


What a fabulous photo of the sunsetting behind the cows on the pasture! Oh my, this is just gorgeous!!!


Great shot. I love the dark tree framing one side of the picture. It really makes the shot. You know... you're killin' us here with the wait on the ribbon winners! LOL


Very well done! Both you and nature!! :) Mary

EG CameraGirl

I really like the silhouette of the cows against that golden sky.
Happy Sky Watch Friday. ;-)


That is an absolutely gorgeous photo !! It could be a painting !


I love silhouettes. As Sandy said - "timeless". Great shot.


Well it should have been ! Love it.
Enjoy your cows - wife and I going gooey over this shot.


What a peaceful photo .

Laura ~Peach~

the puppy is adorable and I absolutely LOVE the SWF pic~


Great shot!

You won 7 ribbons??? Congrats!!! Can't wait to hear all about it and see your winners and ribbons! :)

Mom Knows Everything

I'm waiting for details and it's not very nice to keep you BBFF waiting. ;o)


Love the ‘silhouettes’ of the cows and tree on the interesting orange sky! Mine’s up at Sacred Ruminations.
Hugs and blessings,

Roses and Lilacs

Beautiful photo! (All cows facing north/south as they should be;)

Looking back over older posts, just wanted to say I love the cemetery arch! You have inspired me to get some better silhouettes against dramatic skies.


Very nice photo the orange background is lovely.

Jane Hards Photography

That's so beatiful, ne of the most creative I've seen today.


Well, better YOU having cows than me. But what an incredible picture these make with the colorful sky!


Congratulations on your cows... if nothing else, they make beautiful silhouttes!


LOVE it! Happy SWF!

david mcmahon

Wow, Mist, that is an absolute classic. Wonderful image in anyone's book.

Light's just right. Silhouettes are just right. And the composition, with the tree, is perfect.

Full marks to you.

I'm back home now - and catching up with a blog backlog!!


Cow silhouettes : how great !

Lilli & Nevada

Wow i love the silhouette of the photo


That's great! Love the idea of the sillouettes on the hill. Very striking.

Deanna Caswell

That is absolutely gorgeous. Really beautiful. I love the silhouettes.


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