Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stuck in a Bad Luck Web

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Yesterday... I felt like I was just caught in a web of bad luck. It was like I would jokingly make a comment that something would go wrong, "because that's how my day is going", and sure as heck it would go wrong.

First I got a bunch of crap said to me as soon as I got to work. It was about something that was completely beyond my control, something I had absolutely nothing to do with, and it was something that didn't even have to do with work. So, that started my day...

Then, Hubs called to inform me that the mailman had NOT left a package for me. This meant that the photos I had bent over backwards to get to this printing company; the photos which were already paid for; the photos which needed to be turned into the fair by 6 p.m. yesterday had not been delivered.

That was it... I spent my lunch crying. Then, just for the heck of it, I decided to call our town's post office. I was informed that they had so much mail, because of the holiday, they had to bring it in on two trucks, and the second truck had arrived after the mail delivery had gone out. So, my photos, in fact, with at the post office.

My boss allowed me to leave early enough to get to the post office before they closed. From there, I grabbed the photos, went home, printed out the entry form and filled it out... then Hubs needed me to run him to a field to get his brother-in-law's truck and take it to him in another field where brother-in-law was running a bulldozer to build a pond... then Hubs and I hurried back home (as much as you can hurry on washed out gravel roads), Hubs ran through the shower, we grabbed my photos, and we were out the door to get to the fair in time to turn in my photos...

We were halfway there when, as Hubs and I talked about everything from photos to ticks to acne, and as I gazed at a darkening sky, I realized we were in such a rush that we didn't close our house windows!

We got to the fair, submitted the photos, and within less than an hour of being there, the skies opened and, from the sheep barn, we watched it absolutely downpour for an hour or so.

When we finally made a run for it, we were both soaked, realized we had left one of the back vehicle windows open, and we were concerned about what the house was going to be like here at home.

To top it all off, on the way home, we realized that my vehicle (the only one I have to get me back and forth to work) is not running right.

When we got home...
We were thrilled to see it hadn't rained nearly as much, and hardly any rain had come in the windows...
mainly just in the bedroom window...
on my bed...
where I sleep...
See, I told you that's how my day was going.



But you got all your pictured turned in and that's a good thing. If you hadn't been persistent that would not have happened. Have a great day. Big hug. :)


At least you got the photos submitted - that's one good thing.

Hopefully you got all the bad luck out of your way for a while!


Oh my Misty! I am hoping it didn't get any worse! No wonder you felt like that spider (great shot btw!)

You need to slow down a bit...! If you can. ;0)


Poor Misty Dawn! You certainly were having a horrible, no good, rotten day! The bright side is that you got your photos submitted!

I hope today was much better!


It was only rain.. the bed will dry and maybe the person who unloaded on you at work did so because you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. You got your pictures submitted, you got t watch in rain storm from a place that could have beena whole heck of a lot worse and well... you FrEaKeD me out with that spider!

Mom Knows Everything

You have to tell them about your good luck next. YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!

Pat - Arkansas



I just have to say YUCKKK on the photo and on your crappy day!!!!! Hope things got better quickly.

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