Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

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I know this is supposed to be wordless... and it would be wordless (HONEST), except I feel I need to clarify a few things (so hush Anna!). I just want to make it clear that the fish in this photo is NOT dead, nor did it die as a result of my catching it and having my photo taken with it. I caught this (approximately 8 pound, just sayin') catfish in one lake and brought it back to our pond. I released it in our pond behind our house. So, not only is this catfish still happily alive and swimming around in my pond, he also took the time to stop and pose for a photo with me (did I mention he was approximately 8 pounds? Just sayin'). So, yeah, that's my "wordless" Wednesday, with just a bit of an explanation. If you'd like to know about how big he was or anything like that, just ask and I'll break my silence to tell you ;-)

Now, I've got to go get ready for work, where I'm assisting with the budgeting and planning for next year. What? you mean next year is only a few months away?!?! WHERE did the year go???



Woohoo!!! You're almost a good fisherman as me. ;o)

Susan G.

Happy WW !


I am so jealous!!!! My biggest cat fish catch was about a pound.


Looks like he might be about... well... er, 8 pounds? Is that a good estimate? Just sayin'...

(Good on yer girl!)

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