Saturday, October 25, 2008


October 26 is a VERY SPECIAL day...

Sometimes life sneaks up on you
when you least expect
and sends you something new
absolutely perfect.

I sent a simple mail to her
a simple question I asked
The rest is really quite a blur
we became great friends so fast.

She makes me laugh and smile
She's really so much fun
I've enjoyed her the whole while
one of my best friends - she's surely one.

Over a short amount of time
she has come to mean so much to me
and I hope that the BBFF of mine
she will always be!
(c) Misty DawnS

I ask something of you
I never thought I would
but leave my blog I want you to
and go to hers you should

For it's gonna be a day so special and great
She's turning twenty-nine today ;-D
So get over there - don't hesitate
wish her a very wonderful birthday!

You can visit her here or here - oh heck, go tell her Happy Birthday at BOTH blogs - she deserves it!!!



It's my birthday and you made me cry! It's okay though because their happy tears! I love you Misty! You mean the world to me!

Heart of Rachel

This is such a sweet and thoughtful post for Tammy.



You are right 26th October is a very special day - it was MWM's birthday too - his 60th! :)


Awww you are such a good friend.

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