Friday, October 24, 2008

Camera-Critters #29

If you take the time to read this post, I promise you will be laughing by the time you are done...

You see this critter I met last weekend?
He was sitting in the road, and was so well camoflauged
that at first I thought it was a rock,
until I thought...(c) Misty DawnS

"Whoa, that rock has eyes!"
(c) Misty DawnS

Now - before we go any further - let me give you some background.
I have three nieces. Each has her own personality and is completely unique from her two sisters. My middle niece is the ornery one. She is completely unique and isn't about to change for anyone or any thing. She gets an idea in her head or sets her mind on a goal, and NOTHING is going to get in her way. If her ways and ideas don't get knocked our of her, when it becomes time for her to aim for life goals, she will accomplish whatever she sets as her goals.
Her ummmm 'personality' is also what gets her in trouble constantly often.
She told her pre-school teacher, "You aren't the boss, God is!"
She opened the emergency exit on the bus the first day of Kindergarten...
and this new one... (keep in mind that she's in Kindergarten).
She was caught skipping down the hall. The teacher stopped her and told her to stop skipping, to which she replied, "OK", waited until she thought she was out of sight and began skipping again.
Later that day, the same teacher had to have a talk with my niece again...

At recess, the teacher caught my precious niece and another little girl
running around the playground giving everyone they saw
the middle finger, aka the bird, aka flipping everyone off
(Kinda like my tree frog buddy did to me when I moved him out of the middle of the road - I guess he didn't think he needed to move.)

(c) Misty DawnS

So, the teacher pulled my niece and the other little girl aside and said,
"Girls you can NOT be doing that! It's very BAD and it's very MEAN!"

So, my darling niece looks at the teacher and says...

You ready for this???

She says...

"Yeah, but I had a smile on my face when I did it!"
(c) Misty DawnS

I could write a book of this girl's antics.

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i must say that i love animals! but the only thing that scares me is... frog! yeah, I know...
it gives me goosebumps! :)


I thought for a moment that this was a tale about someone who kissed a Prince...
Very patient poser, like your nieces mother must be. Patient that is.


Wonderful story - I wanna hear more! :)
Great pics of the camo frog.

Pat - Arkansas

Love your toadfrog.. .and your niece! That girl is something else... and sharp as a tack!


I love your photos. you are excellent with cameras well done


gorgeous shots, misty

Please drop at my CC post also : in HERE. Thanks


ROFL that is quite a funny story and some great pictures.Toads and frogs are my favorite critters.You have quite a cutie there I love how he flipped you off.


The last photo is priceless, a really goofy smile :)


I love your niece!
Love the frog too. He smiles so prettily (Is that even a word?)


yes, that frog does have eyes!!!

loved your neice...... she reminds me of me now and as a child.. hahaha!! i tell you... people like us keep others greatly entertained!!

Reader Wil

Misty Dawn! What a great story! And the photos of the toad are absolutely formidable, more than great.


Nice shots of a "rock" 8v) Sounds like your 'middle' niece is going to be a handful sooner than later...hehehe.

i beati

I thought /I was looking at a piece of sandstone at first
?? haha sandy


Maybe you should pick one day of the week to post a story about her--I know I would come back for it.

BTW, we have a thing for toads in our family. We had one when I was a kid that always came up 6 steps to get on the front porch and we fed him; we would turn on the outside light and knock a bug down. If we happened to actually kill it, we would put it in front of the toad and blow on it till it moved. (I have never had a toad eat anything that wasn't moving.)

Then here many years later, when our girls were in elementary school, we started having a toad come up on our back porch and we did the same thing with it. I only seen him once or twice last year, and not at all this summer so i am wondering if he died. He was huge the last time we seen him.


Too funny!


Your little froggies blend right in to their surroundings. Unlike your little niece. :-) Cute stories!


Whoahhh! very funny. I like your story..It's beautiful shots of the frog!


Your niece sounds quite percocious and paired with her story this toad seems so as well. hehe


These are great pics, and I liked reading about your nieces antics. Both fit well for this entry :)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: Only the head of the CC could make a frog flip the the bird. I did laugh at the little niece and I'm sure you will many more gems to share.

david mcmahon

Great shots, great narration, Mist.


Those frog shots are awesome! He did look like a rock in that first photo. And he IS flipping you off.

The story about your niece is HILARIOUS! What a little character.


That toad wasn't very appreciative, was he? Love him - he's a cutie.

Your niece is really something. You just gotta love her!


I thought it was a rock! Freaky toad!

You're niece is a hoot!!! :o)


These shots are great!


Good photos and a humorous story. I love a smilin' toad!

Jane Hards Photography

You crack me up and these images today are just outstanding.

Lilli & Nevada

Oh gosh that is a funny story and your neice is sort of like my grandson only difference is he is a real meany when it comes to telling people off, he has been kicked out of school a few times for it. But i do love the frog and his middle finger LOL

Gemma Wiseman

Love your frog photos! Very rocky! And your school story is just priceless!


What a cute little thing ! How could you get so close that he didn't jump away ?


Sweet - great captures for CC! Beauty always is in the eye of the beholder! :)
Cheers, Klaus



Your niece sounds like quite the entertainer!

Heart of Rachel

That frog could win best in camouflage. :)

Ha ha! Your niece has a clever wit.

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