Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Got A New Book

If you read my post on Misty's Words about my surprise package I received the other day, then you'll understand my disbelief when I received yet another unexpected package in my mailbox today. This package contained two copies of a book. See, the book looks like this...

Pretty neat, huh?
OK, OK, so I can hear you saying, "Yeah, so? It's a book. What's the deal Mist? You're not making much sense here." You're thinking that it doesn't look all that special, aren't you?

But, it is special.

Well, it is to me anyway.

You wanna see why?

Well, OK, I'll show you...

Yep, that's MY photo.

Well, I thought it was pretty neat, anyway.

I just wanted to share it with my friends. Now, I'll give you a more useful link for crib bedding.



Outstanding, Musings Lady 8v) Very Bool!!!!


WOOHOO!!!! Congratulations!!! YOU SO ROCK!!!


Wow! Your picture in a book. That is so cool!

You got some really great packages.

Cheryl Ann

That is a beautiful photo! I have a chestnut mare named Beauty. I should make a book about her! Great idea!


Tell us more! Did you submit an image? Were you asked? Do tell!


Well done - and deserved.


Look at you all published! Woot! I'm proud of you!


Congrats!! That is awesome! :)


You ROCK!! You're published!! My buddy is PUBLISHED!!

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