Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

Dear hosts/hostesses of Sky Watch Friday a.k.a. My Dear Friends,
Please forgive me, and please allow me to continue to participate in Sky Watch. You see, last week, if memory serves me right, I posted a photo of a barn with a sky behind it. This week, well...

(c) Misty DawnS

You see... really, it's not my fault. This is how it is here. This is my life... barns and cows... cows and barns... and hay and tractors... and cows... and work and clotheslines and dogs... and cows... and barns. Did I mention cows? I wouldn't want to forget them, cuz they are everywhere around here. So, ya see, my friends, you can't really fault me for my excessive cattle obsession posting of farm scenes. I just take photos of what's around me. Hey - that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Thank you.
Your forever Sky Watch friend (I hope)
cow obsessed Misty Dawn

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Lilli & Nevada

Ok your forgiven, only because the photos that you share is always good, the life of a farm girl is good....


I won't mootiny over this. You keep on farming. The skies can take care of the themselves.


Never mind, Misty. We love cows too. This is a great photo.


Nice shot! Nothing wrong with cows. We see a lot of them here, too. :) People must think I'm obsessed with elk from all the photos of them I post.


Cows are nice critters anyway, great shot Misty.

FO - 2

I like this picture.
Peaceful shot from the countryside.
Charming cows. ;)))
Wishing you a happy weekend! :)


I like cows and barns! :)


I absolutely LOVE this photo! The cow on the right looks like she's saying, "Hey Ma! Watcha doin'?" I like the perspective here, too, with the black lined up on top of the green with the blue background. Awesome shot and who cares if you photograph farm life! It's a welcome sight to me at least. :D


Like many of your other visitors, I enjoy the Sky Shots featuring ‘country scenes’ … even cows like these.
Hugs and blessings,


I love it!!! Not only is the sky beautiful, but so are the cows!


Hi we found your blog through Technorati, thought we'd stop by to say hey!


It's a great shot with the cows under the sky! Love your animals!


Love the cow photo! I used to have Black Angus cows when I was raised on a MO farm. Had calves as my 4 H project. So, I also look at that photo as being valuable in more ways than one. :-)


Hey don't apologize for your milky four legged friends, they're watching the sky, aren't they? Well, more like you coming with an arm full of a little something for elevenses. Wish we had as much growth on our partures or some hay for the tractor to shift. Drought is not much fun for beast or farmer.
I loke your friendly skywatch pic..
I like cows too.


I would like to live in a farm, the cows are so calm as well as they transmit calm.
Beautiful shots!


Well moo-hoo! I like cows, but not when they break through the neighbors fence and invade my yard...ah, those were the days of living outside the city!

thanks for stopping by my spot on the web

EG CameraGirl

I love the cow and barn photos, personally, so keep 'em coming! ;-)

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