Saturday, November 15, 2008

Camera-Critters #32

Sometimes, you aren't supposed to see or notice things. Sometimes, you are supposed to overlook what you see and ignore it. Sometimes, you are supposed to just keep on walking as if there is nothing out of the ordinary around you.

(c) Misty DawnS

And... sometimes... especially when there are three gigantic black and white canines, with big teeth and overactive chasing glands, running around... well, sometimes...

You'd just like to take that human chic's camera and
tell her to shove it!

"Really. Do I look like I'm posing for photos?
Why don't you take your camera
and take your dogs
and move to the North Pole, or something, eh?"
(c) Misty DawnS

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i almost didn't see that kitty!!! how cute!


Such a little cutie!


Awww...did you take her home? Nice captions!


It took me a while to find the little cuitie, and I think the eyes are telling: take me along!

Finding Pam

Love the black cat and the captions were cute.


It took me a little while to figure out where the little cutie was hiding in the picture.


looks like a skunk to me!


Gads, I need new glasses! NOW I see the cat!


What a darling little Kitty!
Great shot.


LOL I'm sure thats what this cat was thinking :) Cute post.

I just got to your SWF post too. I love to shoot farm and their equipment too. This is a great shot.


Oh my... what a cutie hiding out in there!!
Great capture!
Mountain Retreat- Canada

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: A giant Black Panther in that cave, amazing.


Ha, a very good observation ! and I have to admit : the "farm equipment" looks very good with that big blue sky.


Hahahahaha...I bet that cat wanted to shove that camera itself!

i beati

neat shot sandy


So cute!


Wasn't sure what I was looking at in the first picture, but found out as I read on...have to say that kitty looks to be in control of things :-) Thanks for stopping by Spatter..


Awww... what a cute kitty! I almost didn't see it at first. I love your captions... Lol!

EG CameraGirl

That is so adorable! The kitty sure seems to be keeping its eyes on you...just in case. ;-)


What a sweet kitty! I'd be hiding too...three energetic chasing dogs and a lady with camera. Sounds scary. hehe

Jane Hards Photography

Alwaya cute words and even cuter inages.


When I first looked at that picture, I though you had a skunk there...
Just my eyesight again.


What a great hiding spot. Didn't catch her at first. WOnderful shots.


Those eyes they say it all..he/she might be a domestic kitty but those ole big cat instincts are kicken in.. be cautious..wait and see. Nothing like a cat peeking out of the weeds, tho, to set the dogs off! lol my dog would have done the same!! Good post Misty, enjoyed it a lot!

Teena in Toronto

He's keeping an eye on you!

I played too :)

Heart of Rachel

That's great camouflage.

Mine is up at my other blog.


Hehehe - that's funny!


yes! I agree with them, she's cute and adorable. Thanks for sharing..

Lilli & Nevada

Oh at first i was thinking it was a skunk, but then well it definitely is a cutie


Seeing the Unseen is what Like in Life the Best.


Well spotted!


Just too cute. :)


It took me a minute!


She's hiding from you! Awww! Misty won't hurt you kitty! She loves animals!!!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener

That kitty doesn't look too pleased to be having its photo taken.

I've got some cheeky squirrels for Camera Critters this week.


I love how kitties are sneaky and quiet and always appear to be lurking. :)


That's really cute! I might have missed seeing it. :-)

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