Thursday, November 13, 2008

Got Boogers?

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I have had this stupid ear and sinus infection for weeks and weeks now! I cannot get rid of it! For awhile, I got rid of the sinus part, and the problem was only in my ear. Now, however, the medicine I've been taking it trying to work and the yuckies are back occupying my ear, head, and face. Oh joy.

Just keep your fingers crossed for me, please, because I really, really need this to go away. I am avoiding going to the doctor for a couple of reasons... well, actually one reason - money. You see, I'm not anywhere close to meeting my deductible, and upon seeing the bills this past month, I had to raise our deductibles (ouch). This results in an unbelievable amount of money coming out of our pockets if one of us were sick, and let's not even think about both of us getting sick, because we are on individual policies rather than having group health insurance. *sigh* I had no fortune teller around when we were moving out here. If I had, I could have done things differently.

Geesh, I just went off on a tangent, didn't I? Start telling you about an ear infection and end up whining about insurance costs. OK, I'm done with that now, I promise.

By the way, that photo up there (ignore the terribly poor quality) is of the calf I named Dharma :-) You know, after the television show "Dharma and Greg". I LOVED that show and thought Dharma was fabulous. So, when our beef cows had calves one year, they were: Dharma, Jane, Greg, Petey, and Abby. :-D Yes, I have serious issues.



Make sure you get the meds down you and get some rest. That'll help get you on the mend.

I hate the system you seem to have and I worry about you guys getting sick and not being able to afford healthcare. That is bad. Real bad.
Be careful. (((Hugs)))


Drink lots of water!! I had the same thing going on and as a matter of fact today is the first day in over a month that my ear hasn't hurt! The Dr put me on double the normal dose of Musinex. You might want to try it, but he also said I HAD to drink 4qts of water a day when taking it. He also had me doing facial steams and heat packs on my face and neck below my ear that hurt. Warm drinks will help thin that gook. Try some Vicks too and any cough drop with vapor.


I love your cow photo it is amazing.
Happy SWF!

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